Barry Bonds will be on the MLB Hall of Fame ballot once again in 2020
Barry Bonds will be amongst the list of 14 former players returning to the MLB Hall of Fame Ballot. Photo by Lachlan Cunningham.

Who will make their debut on the Baseball Writer's Association of America 2020 Hall of Fame ballot? More importantly, when the results are announced, who will make their way into the hallowed MLB Hall of Fame?

Let's start with the list of the former players that will make their debuts. You will easily recognize names such as Bobby Abreu, Jason Giambi, Derek Jeter and Cliff Lee, but you'll also recognize players such as Josh Beckett, Adam Dunn, Heath Bell, Rafael Furcal, Paul Konerko, Carlos Peña, and Alfonso Soriano. Names that are perhaps less recognizable who will also make their debut are Eric Chávez, Chone Figgins, Raúl Ibañez, Brad Penny, J.J. Putz, and Brian Roberts. Diehard baseball fans will know all of those players.

Also on the 2020 ballot are the recurring names that we all know, including some who have been passed over before, and some that have been controversial every ballot year. Of those returning to the 2020 ballot, according to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, there are four players who received at least 50% of the vote on the 2019 ballot. Candidates need at least 75% of the votes for entry into the MLB Hall of Fame. Obviously, we're curious to see how voting percentage will go in 2020.

Among the players returning to the BBWAA ballot, Curt Schilling received votes on 60.9 percent of all ballots cast in 2019 – the most of any returnee. Schilling is on the ballot for the eighth time in 2020. The only other three candidates who received at least 50 percent of the BBWAA vote in 2019 and were not elected are Roger Clemens (59.5 percent), Barry Bonds (59.1 percent) and Larry Walker (54.6 percent).

There are fourteen former players returning to the 2020 BBWAA ballot after receiving at least 5% of the overall vote in 2019. Those players are Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Larry Walker, Scott Rolen, Curt Schilling, Omar Vizquel, Gary Sheffield, Andrew Jones, Jeff Kent, Billy Wagner, Todd Helton, Manny Ramirez, Sammy Sosa, and Andy Pettitte. writers Mark Feinsand, Jeffrey Flanagan, Chris Haft, Richard Justice, Jon Paul Morosi, and T.R. Sullivan have weighed in with their ballots and comments on, and this was the following vote outcome for those writers.

Barry Bonds -- 6 votes
Roger Clemens -- 6 votes
Derek Jeter -- 6 votes
Larry Walker -- 6 votes
Scott Rolen -- 5 votes
Curt Schilling -- 5 votes
Omar Vizquel -- 5 votes
Gary Sheffield -- 4 votes
Andruw Jones -- 3 votes
Jeff Kent -- 3 votes
Billy Wagner -- 3 votes
Todd Helton -- 2 votes
Manny Ramirez -- 2 votes

Take some time to read the comments from these writers on their votes and their arguments for their choices. There is always a plethora of opinions and a slew of fan arguments over the votes and ultimate reveal for each year's MLB Hall of Fame. With passion amongst fans for players like Larry Walker, Gary Sheffield, and even Manny Ramirez, as well as angry comments over players like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, it's always entertaining.

The MLB Hall of Fame will announce the final results on Tuesday, Jan. 21. You'll be able to see live coverage on MLB Network starting at 3:00 PM ET.