How to Watch Week 5 of the NFL Season
The Tennessee Titans were effected tremendously by an outbreak of COVID-19. How will the increase of positive cases effect Week 5 and beyond? RICK MUSACCHIO/EPA

With the outbreaks of COVID-19 across several NFL teams, it's an ever growing wonder why the NFL didn't go with a bubble atmosphere like the NHL and NBA. They took the approach of Major League Baseball and the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals had to play many double-headers and shortened games even to qualify for the postseason. Both teams eventually did qualify but it will be curious to see how the seasons of these NFL teams will be effected. You can't exactly play double-headers in football. It has been suggested that there may be a Week 18 of the season to offer a contingency plan.

The Tennessee Titans have reported more than a dozen cases in their organization. They already rescheduled their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers from last week to October 25. They play the Buffalo Bills this week and it's hard to imagine that the players who tested positive for the virus will be able to suit up for Sunday. Same with Cam Newton and the Patriots. The NFL has already changed protocols for their COVID-19 response. Those changes include more cameras in team facilities and it limits the number of tryouts players can participate in, just to name a few. It's already been a wild week ending with the firing of the Houston Texans Head Coach/GM Bill O'Brien. What does Week 5 have in store?

How to Watch NFL Games

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fuboTV will live stream NFL Week 5 matchups, beginning with Thursday Night Football between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Chicago Bears on FOX and NFL Network.

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Maybe in a normal season, the biggest matchup this week would be between NFC East rivals New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys. The problem is there is only one win between these two teams in eight games. They are just plan bad. The Cowboys should be running away with this division with their prolific offense. Dak Prescott is scoring at an unprecedented pace. The defense just can't seem to keep them in it though after another loss, getting scorched by the Cleveland Browns. To paint a picture of how bad it is in the NFC East, the Philadelphia Eagles lead the division with a come from behind win against a heavily injured 49ers squad. This came a week after they tied the Cincinnati Bengals. This is still anyone's division in a race to the bottom of the league.

Again, in a normal season, a Pennsylvania in-state rivalry between the Eagles and Steelers, should be the best game of the week. Instead, this should be complete domination on the Steelers end. They have had two weeks off to prepare and Carson Wentz still has very few options to throw to even after an improved performance in Week 4. So okay, what should you watch then? Is a quarterback rematch of Super Bowl LII intriguing enough?

Thursday Night, the Bears will be hosting the Buccaneers as Tom Brady squares off against Nick Foles. Neither is with the team they played with in that Super Bowl upset that the Eagles won. Both quarterbacks have something to prove though in the twilights of their careers. Brady seems to be getting more comfortable with his new team and back to his old ways, seemingly scoring at will even when he was down three scores against the LA Chargers at home.

Nick Foles looked good in relief of Mitch Trubisky in a comeback win against the Falcons but looked like a replacement QB at best against their matchup with the Colts in Week 4. This is Foles' job the rest of the way but he couldn't get the offense going very similarly to Trubisky's struggles. Will we see the Super Bowl MVP Foles or the one that has given ample reason for teams to trade him six times?

While Vikings-Seahawks should be a good game, the Vikings defense hasn't been up to their usual staunch standards and Russell Wilson can score too often at will to make this one close. The game that is sneakily the one we are looking forward to most  is the LA Chargers and the New Orleans Saints. The Chargers will feature their only second franchise quarterback since trading Drew Brees to the Saints in 2005. The Chargers top-ten pick Justin Herbert are making the Chargers management look like geniuses.

Even though he hasn't won a game yet, Herbert has kept up with Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady and only lost those games in the last moments. Therefore, it won't be difficult to imagine that he can compete with Brees. The Saints bounced back against the Lions after two losses but they aren't on the most stable ground. This one should be very close. The Saints are already playing in their second Monday Night matchup. Here is the rest of the lineup for Week 5.  

NFL Week 5 Schedule

Thursday, October 8

Sunday, October 11

Monday, October 12

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