Eric Weddle announces his retirement from the NFL
Safety Eric Weddle is retiring from the NFL. Paul Buck/Shutterstock.

Eric Weddle, Safety for the Los Angeles Rams, announced his retirement today after 13 seasons in the NFL. Eric wasn't shy about sharing his considerable stats with his fans on Twitter.

Beyond Weddle's stats, fans will undoubtedly remember Eric for his love of ice cream. The six-time Pro Bowler had a tradition of celebrating with his family by consuming lots of ice cream. After every win, he got together with his wife, Chanel, and their four children, and created a confectionery concoction of ice cream that Ben & Jerry's would admire.

As an article in the Los Angeles Times explains, Weddle even had an ice cream clause in his contract when he joined the Rams that named his kids. It was called the “Brooklyn, Gaige, Silver & Kamri’s Ice Cream Sundays Incentive.”

ESPN's Adam Shefter said it best when he mentioned Weddle's retirement on social media.

According to Pro Football Reference, Weddle was a 2nd round pick of the San Diego Chargers in 2007. The college football All American out of Utah spent nine seasons with the Chargers, three years in Baltimore with the Ravens, and his last season with the Rams. In addition to being a six-time Pro Bowl selection, Weddle was also a First-Team All-Pro twice, in 2011 and 2014, and named as the NFL's Top 100 three times in his career.

Eric was a fan favorite and will certainly be missed by all his fans and teammates. As for life after football, it's a sure bet that ice cream will play an outsized role. Perhaps Ben & Jerry's will even hire Eric as a spokesperson.