Tom Brady's may not see a new contract with the New England Patriots
Tom Brady may have played his last game in a Patriots uniform. Matt Campbell/Shutterstock.

ESPN Sports Reporter Jeff Darlington wasn't shy about sharing his thoughts on Tom Brady and his future with the New England Patriots. Darlington shared his thoughts on ESPN's Get Up Show.

Darlington, along with NFL Insiders such as Adam Schefter, believe that Tom Brady will enter Free Agency moving on from the only team he's ever suited up for in the NFL. Schefter and Darlington aren't the only ones who believe that about Brady and the Patriots' future.

Darlington knows that is not a popular opinion, at least among Patriots fans, but fandom aside, sources apparently told Jeff that "Brady is currently operating under the belief that he will enter free agency to play somewhere other than New England next season, a sentiment the quarterback has shared with others."

Despite Brady playing all 20 of his seasons with the New England Patriots, moving on from them in Free Agency is not a far-fetched idea, especially when you consider that Tom is 42 years old. Despite some issues with passing accuracy, Brady still passed for 4,057 yards with 24 touchdowns in 2019.

Certainly it's logical to assume the Patriots need to start looking to a future without the veteran, four-time Super Bowl MVP. You can also imagine that even at his age, there would be other teams who would want Brady, if only with a short stint. As reported by Jenna West of Sports Illustrated, rumors have mentioned the Raiders and Chargers, and Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times mentioned the Buccaneers' interest.

Brady isn't able to sit down at the negotiating table with any interested parties at this point. Legally, there is a "tampering period" which opens on March 16, and Free Agents can't negotiate at all until that date. According to Darlington, no meeting has yet been scheduled between Brady and coach Bill Belichick. Per ESPN, the holdup on any discussions there is due to uncertainty about what the new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) will contain.

Where Tom Brady suits up in 2020 is the most intriguing story in the NFL right now, and rumors will certainly continue to swirl. Tom Brady wouldn't be the first QB to leave a team he has played with for most of his career, and go on to success with another team. Peyton Manning spent 13 seasons with the Colts before closing out his playing career with four solid seasons with Denver. Brett Favre is another QB that comes to mind, spending 16 seasons with the Packers before closing out his amazing career with two other teams.

We'll have to wait and see how Brady's storied career comes to a close, and with what team(s). Like Tom's entire career, it will be exciting to watch.