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    How to Watch NFL on FireStick: The 8 Best Streaming Options

    With Fubo, you can watch football and the NFL on FireStick and any other device. Start your free trial and enjoy!

    In the 2020s, there are multiple ways of streaming and watching live television, including sports like the mega-popular NFL, without needing old-fashioned and expensive cable. One method to watch live television without cable is by using a FireStick, a device that simply requires an HDMI port and an active internet connection to function. With a FireStick, you can watch live sports, television shows, movies or whatever else you may desire. Today, we are going to present to you the top streaming options for how to watch the NFL and more football this upcoming season using FireStick, including Fubo, a top streaming service that you can even trial for free, starting today.

    WATCH THE NFL AND MORE FOOTBALL WITH FIRESTICK: Start your free Fubo trial today!

    How to Watch Football on FireStick: Options & Step-by-Step Guide

    Given the number of people choosing other streaming options over old, expensive, antiquated cable, people still want to have the best streaming experience possible to stream their favorite sports, like the NFL, on television. One popular option today is through the use of the FireStick, a device that can be purchased online for very cheap, attached to your television through an HDMI port and used to stream live television.

    The FireStick, which can be purchased on Amazon, is one of the most popular devices people use today to turn their televisions into smart TVs, as such giving them access to various apps and streaming devices, like Fubo, which can help them stream live TV smoothly and effortlessly. This article will explain how to watch the NFL – and even more football – on your FireStick.


    NFL 2023-2024 Schedule

    Now is the best time to sign up for a streaming service like Fubo, as the NFL season isn’t all that far away. The first game of the 2023-24 NFL season kicks off on Thursday, September 7, at 8:20 p.m. ET, an exciting matchup between the reigning champion Kansas City Chiefs and the up-and-coming Detroit Lions. That game will be carried by NBC as part of a special Thursday night edition of Sunday Night Football, which is one of the channels available to watch on Fubo. Then, the NFL season will carry on for roughly the next five months through the fall and winter, wrapping up on Feb. 11, 2024, with the 50th edition of the Super Bowl.


    The 8 Best Options to Watch NFL on FireStick

    The most basic way to watch the NFL on your FireStick is with the NFL App, which is available through basically any online store. With the NFL App, you can catch live games, reaction shows, analysis from Hall-of-Famers and so much more.

    NFL Plus was introduced for the 2022 football season and gave football fans even more options as far as online game-viewing, replays of games, playability on tablets and smartphones and so much more.

    Peacock is NBC’s own streaming service and is where you can catch Sunday Night Football if you don’t want to pay for cable to watch it on NBC itself. Instead, you can watch Sunday Night Football games on Peacock for an added monthly cost on top of its normal price.

    One of the most popular live television streaming services on the market, Fubo carries the likes of CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, ESPN, the NFL Network and even NFL RedZone, making it the top streaming option for those with a FireStick who want to smoothly stream college football and the NFL live. You can even get Fubo for free using the trial we offer once we get into football season, allowing you to watch a weekend’s worth of football and NFL games without cost and live so you can see what you’re signing up for.

    Another live television streaming service, Sling is also a solid option for NFL fans but it has limited DVR and makes you choose between two different plans, Sling Orange and Sling Blue.

    Another way to stream the NFL and college football through your FireStick is with YouTube TV but it is more expensive than other streaming services, like Fubo.

    The Elite Plan for Fubo is more expensive than Fubo but contains much more channels, like the MLB and NHL Networks, the Pac-12 Network (for college football season) and offers over 233 channels in total. For fans of college football and the NFL, this might be your best option.

    Formerly called AT&T TV, DirecTV Stream still carries a lot of channels that allow you to stream the NFL and college football on your FireStick device.

    How to Watch NFL on FireStick for Free

    A question many NFL fans often have is: Is there a way to watch the NFL on FireStick for free? Well, although there are countless streaming options that claim to be free on FireStick, which would allow you to theoretically watch the NFL or college football for free, it’s hard to know if those streaming methods are actually free or a scam, or if they are even legal.

    However, even though there are no verified free options to stream the NFL, there are some streaming service platforms that will give you access to several sports, leagues, networks, series and movies for a reasonable price, among them, the NFL. One way to watch the NFL for free on your FireStick is by using Fubo’s free trial.

    Fubo is the best value-for-money, bang-for-your-buck option, given the number of channels it carries, such as CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, ESPN and the NFL Network, that broadcast NFL games live with a picture-perfect stream. You can stream Fubo on your FireStick to watch it on television but you can also use Fubo on your tablet, laptop or phone, making it a convenient option if you’re in public – at a party or a dinner – but want to see how your favorite NFL team’s game ends. Fubo even offers Fan View, which allows viewers to view stats alongside single or multi-view NFL game streams.

    No question, Fubo is your best bet if you want a cheaper streaming service option on which to watch NFL games this fall, with the company even offering a free trial to see what you’re getting into.


    Is Watching the NFL on FireStick Safe?

    All of the streaming options we listed above, including Fubo, are very safe. However, if you use an unverified option claiming to be free to watch the NFL or live TV in general, you are putting yourself at much greater risk of coming under attack from malicious malware or suspicious files, which can do a lot of damage – and not just to your television.

    Your safest bet for using a FireStick to watch the NFL is to download one of the verified options above, pay for it and enjoy your new television experience, one that will be cheaper and more versatile than old-fashioned, expensive cable options.

    How to Add Fubo to Your FireStick in 5 Easy Steps

    If you’re sold on Fubo and want to give it a try, there are five easy steps to add Fubo to your FireStick and watch NFL games live (and even for free at first). They are:

    1. Go to “Apps & Channels” on your FireStick
    2. Look for Fubo’s app
    3. Hit download
    4. Subscribe
    5. Enjoy the NFL

    Football on FireStick Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is the best sports streaming service?

    Any of the above-mentioned streaming services is a good option for streaming the NFL, and sports in general, through your FireStick. However, the best sports streaming service has to be Fubo when taking into account the abundance of channels it carries, its DVR capabilities and its cost. On Fubo, you can watch some of the most important channels for sports like the NFL, including but not limited to ESPN, CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC – and much more.


    • How many networks can I watch with Fubo?

    If you download and subscribe to Fubo, you are given access to over 220 channels, ranging from sports to news and even entertainment. So if you have a FireStick for NFL-viewing purposes, you’ll be happy to know that when you subscribe to Fubo, you’ll have the ability to watch much more than just sports.

    • How to watch the NFL in Canada with a FireStick?

    For those in Canada with a FireStick, streaming service DAZN owns the rights to NFL games in the country, meaning if you download the app DAZN and subscribe to it, you’ll be able to watch the NFL in Canada on your FireStick.

    • How to watch the NFL in the United Kingdom (UK) with a FireStick?

    On the other hand, for NFL fans in the United Kingdom with a FireStick, you can download and subscribe to NFL Game Pass to watch American football. Sky Sports has the official rights to broadcast NFL games in the UK but that requires you to have an active Sky Sports subscription, which makes it less ideal for FireStick users.

    Regional restrictions may apply.

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