, September 09, 2021

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  August 28, 2021

Rodrigo De Paul showing the extra dimension he gives Atletico Madrid

Rodrigo De Paul is already impressing for his new team, who need the Argentine to be influential in La Liga....

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  May 23, 2021

Luis Suarez’s Atletico Madrid impact proves Barcelona were wrong to let him leave

The Uruguayan's goal sealed the title on Saturday for the capital club....

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  May 08, 2021

2020-21 La Liga Week 35: Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid How to Watch Live

Spain's 'Big Three' each have a chance at ending this weekend as top-flight leaders....

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  April 29, 2021

Title collapse would darkest moment of Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid career

Atletico Madrid once held a double figures lead at the top of La Liga. Now, however, they are hanging on to top spot by their fingernails....

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  April 22, 2021

Money talks, but failed European Super League mutiny calls for more severe punishment

The sport’s elite failed in their attempt to form a ring-fenced competition for the über-rich, but still must be held accountable....

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  April 04, 2021

2020-21 La Liga Week 29: Sevilla vs. Atletico Madrid How to Watch Live

Los Rojiblancos undergo another tough test of their title credentials in Seville....

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