, September 09, 2021

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  August 19, 2021

Martin Braithwaite one of the last players Barcelona should look to sell this summer

The Danish forward is widely seen as a symbol of Barcelona's demise, but his performance in the win over Real Sociedad proved his worth to Ronald Koeman's team....

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  August 14, 2021

How will Ronald Koeman's Barcelona shape up after Lionel Messi's exit?

The 34-year-old's departure to Paris Saint-Germain has prompted much soul-searching at the Camp Nou, but there are still reasons for Barcelona to be positive....

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  August 05, 2021

Barcelona have nobody to blame for Lionel Messi's departure but themselves

Lionel Messi will not sign a new contract with Barcelona according to the club....

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  August 04, 2021

Barcelona and Spain are risking Pedri’s development by asking so much of him so early

Pedri is being pushed to his physical limits by playing for Spain at the Tokyo Olympics after he played nearly every minute at Euro 2020....

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  July 20, 2021

With his new Barcelona contract, Lionel Messi is committing to a generational rebuild

Two weeks of wild speculation came to an end last Wednesday when Messi signed a new contract at the Camp Nou....

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  May 23, 2021

Luis Suarez’s Atletico Madrid impact proves Barcelona were wrong to let him leave

The Uruguayan's goal sealed the title on Saturday for the capital club....

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