, July 23, 2021

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ICYMI - fuboTV Arrives on Gaming Consoles with Xbox One Launch

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fuboTV is launching its first app on gaming consoles - the live TV streaming platform is available today on Microsoft’s Xbox One family of devices.

With the new Xbox app, subscribers can stream fuboTV’s top Nielsen-ranked sports, news and entertainment TV channels, access tens of thousands of VOD movies and TV shows, and stay informed on the latest news through their local TV networks. Xbox One X and Xbox One S users can also stream 4K content. fuboTV is the only virtual MVPD to stream in ultra high definition 4K.

fuboTV’s most popular product features are integrated into the new Xbox One app, including:  

  • Launch Live Video: Mirroring a linear TV experience, the last live channel watched automatically plays when the app is launched.
  • Browse: Users can flip through other channels while watching live video. They can also browse recommended sports, news and entertainment content - both live and on demand.
  • Record Series: This recently-launched feature lets users DVR entire series, including upcoming episodes, with one click.
  • Manage Recordings: Users can monitor their available cloud DVR storage via a progress bar. All DVR content is available in perpetuity until the user deletes it.
  • Profiles: Launched on other fuboTV platforms in April, this new feature lets up to six users within a subscription personalize their fuboTV experience. Each user can create their own profile, favorite channels (which sets the preferred order of how channels appear in the Electronic Program Guide) and DVR the content they want to watch. Personalized content recommendations for each profile will be launched soon.

Xbox users can subscribe to fuboTV by navigating to the app from the Microsoft Store on Xbox.

fuboTV will continue to update the app in the coming months, optimizing it for the Xbox One platform. Specifically, the company will further integrate the many features on the Xbox One remote control to leverage more capabilities of its video player, including quick restart, jump ahead/jump back :15 during playback and providing thumbnail previews during scrubbing. Additionally, fuboTV will optimize Xbox’s faster load times to ensure less buffering such as when the user selects a live new channel to watch.

What do you think of our new Xbox One app? Join the conversation and let us know @fuboTV

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