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How fuboTV Made Web Video “Always On”

Our subscribers come to fuboTV to stream the best sports, news and entertainment on television both live and on demand. Our goal is to deliver to users their favorite content through a premium viewing experience. Something we always hear from our users is they want a video experience similar to television. This includes playing video while exploring the app. Over the last few months, we’ve worked hard to implement their feedback and improve our player so they can browse the app (including the electronic program guide) while still watching a live video. The ability to browse while playing a video continuously has been native to our connected devices like Apple TV and Roku but this was not available for web.

Here’s a look at how we solved it:

The challenge: Users who watch fuboTV on their desktop browsers had been unable to explore their favorite content while a program was playing. Our web player required users to close the video stream in order to navigate the site. It wasn’t the best experience for users who wanted to browse while watching.  

What was changed?  The fuboTV web team has vastly improved the watch and discovery experience by developing an “always on” mini player. Now, users are able to minimize the player and keep the program playing while they navigate through our web app. If there is another program they’d like to watch, all they have to do is click to replace the current program – all without closing the player.

Looking ahead: Currently the web mini player is deployed as an A/B test to 50% of our users. We’ll see what kind of feedback we get with the first test, continue to iterate the player if needed, and roll it out to all of our subscribers soon. With the launch of this mini player on fubo.tv, we hope to improve content discovery, hours watched and overall user satisfaction.  

Do you like watching video while you browse apps? What do you think of our web mini player? Join the conversation and let us know @fuboTV

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