XFL Opening Weekend
The XFL returns this weekend on the back of last week's Super Bowl. Etienne Laurent/Shutterstock.

The reboot of the XFL League is officially underway today as games will be shown this weekend on ABC, Fox, and ESPN/ESPN2 and FS1.

Reboot is an appropriate word, because WWE CEO and creator Vince McMahon gave the XFL an enthusiastic try back in 2001, and it was a total flop. McMahon promised a new kind of football with more violence, sexier cheerleaders, and better rules. The XFL sank faster than the Titanic almost two decades ago. Has Vince learned anything?

McMahon Introduces the XFL Debut in 2001

Back in 2001, McMahon teamed up with both NBC and Dick Ebersol. In 2020, McMahon is teaming up with businessman and former quarterback, Oliver Luck to make another and hopefully wiser attempt.

XFL's Interesting Rules

According to the official rules page on XFL.com, viewers can expect:

5 Gameplay Innovations that will include the Kickoff, the Point-After Touchdown, the Punt, the Double-Forward Pass, and Overtime.

5 Timing Changes that will include the 25-Second Play Clock, a Comeback Period, a Running Game Clock, Timeouts, and Replay Rulings.

5 Common Sense Rules that will include One Foot Inbounds, a Ball-Spotting Official, Coach-Player Communication, Simplified Illegal Man Downfield, and a Shorter Halftime.

Oliver Luck took the time to share with ESPN how this XFL will be different from what fans witnessed in 2001.

Take some time to read the breakdown of all those rules. I can't say whether you'll be impressed or work hard to keep a straight face, but you'll find the rules interesting. And they could make for some entertaining "football."

Recognizable Players

With 416 players in the league, there will be names in the XFL that you will easily recognize. Some of those players include former Ohio State QB Cardale Jones (DC Defenders), Landry Jones (Dallas Renegades), Aaron Murray (Tampa Bay Vipers), Josh Johnson (LA Wildcats), and Connor Cook (Houston Roughnecks). Rumoras have even swirled that we'll see Johnny Manziel in the XFL at some point.

XFL Schedule

For a complete rundown of the schedule and televised games this season, check out the XFL Schedule Page.

We will update you often on the progress of the new, and hopefully improved, XFL League in 2020. Now that we have seen LSU take the College Football crown and the Kansas City Chiefs take the NFL crown, those of you already itching for more football may find something in the XFL to ease the discomfort of a long offseason.