American Heroes Channel showcases military battles, iconic people and pivotal moments in time. Never-before-seen footage, action-packed storytelling, and eye-opening interviews offer a rare glimpse into events and battles that shaped our world, visionary leaders, unexpected heroes who made a difference and great defenders of our freedom.
Civil War: Blood on the BattlefieldsS1, EP1 "Tipping Point"America's experiment in democracy teeters on the brink of collapse in the spring of 1861 as the country goes to war.
Civil War: Blood on the BattlefieldsS1, EP2 "The Butcher's Bill"The American Civil War enters its second year in the summer of 1862, becoming a more brutal conflict than anyone ever imagined.
Civil War: Blood on the BattlefieldsS1, EP3 "A New Birth of Freedom"More than 200,000 soldiers are killed or wounded as the American Civil War enters its third year; the conflict's bloodiest days are still to come.
March to JusticeThe Kennedys explore the 1960s civil rights movement and retrace the Selma to Montgomery marches in Alabama; interviews with participants.
America's Most BadassS1, EP2 "Living on the Edge"Tough guys profiled include astronaut Neil Armstrong, President Teddy Roosevelt, gangster John Dillinger and illusionist Harry Houdini.
America's Most BadassS1, EP3 "Risk-Takers and Renegades"Featured tough guys include daredevil Evel Knievel, President Andrew Jackson, billionaire Howard Hughes and Army Gen. George S. Patton.
Ultimate WarfareS1, EP7 "Midway: Taking Back the Pacific"Americans take on the most powerful navy in the world in a battle that will change of the course the Pacific war.
Ultimate WarfareS1, EP8 "Okinawa: Island Fortress"American forces fight thousands of Japanese soldiers on mountainous terrain and treacherous conditions.
I (Almost) Got Away With ItS7, EP3 "Got a Rich Widow"After serving time for stealing from wealthy people, Brian Fuller returns to his ways of robbing the rich.
I (Almost) Got Away With ItS7, EP8 "Got to Be MacGyver"Serving a life sentence for a double homicide, Harold Laird gets creative to escape from prison and evades the law on several occasions.
I (Almost) Got Away With ItS8, EP2 "Got a Handsome Face"Bank robber Steven Ray Milam is dubbed the Handsome Guy Bandit, then he makes a costly mistake forcing him to leave his family and go on the run with the FBI in pursuit.
I (Almost) Got Away With ItS8, EP4 "Got to Send a Bomb in the Mail"Albert Paul is arrested for murder and spends the next couple of decades pulling off daring prison breaks only to get captured after every attempt.
I (Almost) Got Away With ItS7, EP5 "Got to Pose as Katrina Refugees"On the run after killing his mother, Scott Webb, and his wife, take refuge in a Texas church until a news report leads them to flee.
I (Almost) Got Away With ItS7, EP7 "Got to Watch Those Country Girls"Brothers plan a daring escape from a county jail and flee to Kentucky before one of the escapees' ex turns them in.
Coast Guard at WarThe Coast Guard performs a combat role in the Vietnam War.
Hollywood vs. CommiesA look at Hollywood's role in fighting Communism during the Cold War.
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