American Heroes Channel showcases military battles, iconic people and pivotal moments in time. Never-before-seen footage, action-packed storytelling, and eye-opening interviews offer a rare glimpse into events and battles that shaped our world, visionary leaders, unexpected heroes who made a difference and great defenders of our freedom.
I (Almost) Got Away With ItS2, EP13 "Got 9th Place"A man is sentenced to 12 years in prison but due to technicalities he escapes and wins big in a Vegas poker tournament.
Bullet PointsS1, EP3 "The Vietnam War"The decisive moments of American involvement in Vietnam, highlighting key battles and turning points.
Bullet PointsS1, EP4 "Operation Desert Storm"Key battles and strategies surrounding the liberation of Kuwait from invading dictator Saddam Hussein.
What History ForgotS1, EP5 "Verge of Destruction"The best-kept secrets of World War II revealed.
What History ForgotS1, EP6 "Rebels With a Cause"An early pioneer for racial equality; German children await candy from the skies; a moonshiner develops a famous rifle.
What History ForgotS2, EP1 "Defying the Nazis"The stories behind some of the biggest deceptions, the top secrets and the secret weapons used to help defy the Nazis in WWII.
What History ForgotS2, EP2 "Making America"The stories behind George Washington, the California Gold Rush, the vast highways that stretch across America, and the wars between the United States and Great Britain.
What History ForgotS2, EP3 "Fighting for Freedom"Learning about the phrase Go for Broke!, the Fall of Saigon at Vietnam's bitter end, the legends spun around top-secret microfilm, and the classic movie, "The Dirty Dozen."
I (Almost) Got Away With ItS2, EP2 "Got to Roll the Dice"With 41 arrests and no convictions Phillip Williams had no worries about stabbing his ex in a parking lot until he became a wanted man and went on the road living off his gambling wins.
I (Almost) Got Away With ItS2, EP4 "Got Caught Via Email"Edward Roberson and two fellow inmates escape jail and go on the run.
I (Almost) Got Away With ItS2, EP5 "Got Plastic Surgery"Courtenay Savage is an ex-cop with a loaded gun aimed at a friend's trailer.
I (Almost) Got Away With ItS2, EP6 "Got Raps"Raymond Ross skips town with his cousin after beating a teen into a coma; the police close in on this trail.
I (Almost) Got Away With ItS2, EP7 "Got a Lot of Pot"Steve Lamb was a part of a group of traffickers until he got caught in a sting operation.
I (Almost) Got Away With ItS2, EP8 "Got Shot Above a Deli"Sean Salley shoots an actress and her friends above a deli then flees to New Orleans then to Miami where he plans to leave the country for good.
I (Almost) Got Away With ItS2, EP9 "Got to Lock and Load"A Texas separatist group takes two hostages and rangers are able to negotiate the release but two of the members get away undetected.
I (Almost) Got Away With ItS2, EP10 "Got to Fetch a Hooker"On a job to pick up a prostitute Lane Slettvet stabs a man, while trying to stay under the radar he still goes to parties for the drugs.
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