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I Was PreyS3, EP2 "Grisly Encounters"Jordan Carbery is investigating a noise outside his cabin and encounters a massive grizzly bear; Zanele Fox and her husband take a river tour when she is thrown from her raft and ravaged by a crocodile.
I Was PreyS3, EP10 "Deadly Decision"Sandy Prince is swimming in an African river when she's attacked by a massive crocodile; mountain-biking in Washington State, Phil Anderson comes face to face with a hungry cougar.
I Was PreyS3, EP3 "Backyard Bite"Outside Corpus Christi, Texas, Jeremy Sutcliffe is working in his garden when a rattlesnake bite puts him on the brink of death; while spearfishing in the Bahamas, Kent Bonde is blindsided by a bull shark that tears the calf muscle from his leg.
I Was PreyS3, EP12 "Mauled in the Mountains"While working in the Canadian wilderness, Louie van Grootel is attacked by a massive grizzly bear; Travis Kauffman comes face to face with a hungry mountain lion while trail-running in Colorado.
I Was PreyS3, EP7 "All Alone"During an archery hunt in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Chad Dueck comes face-to-face with a mother grizzly bear; in Tracy, Calif., Walt Dean King is savagely attacked by a Brahma Bull roaming his neighborhood.
I Was PreyS3, EP4 "Terror in Paradise"On a family trip to Pattaya, Thailand, Helen Costigan attends an elephant show when one of the massive beasts turns deadly; golf ball recovery specialist Scott Lahodik is diving in a Florida lake when he's attacked by a vicious alligator.
The AquariumS1, EP6 "Penguins in Love"A staff member heads to the Marine Mammal Center in California to help in rehabilitation efforts of elephant seals; African penguins Charlie and Lizzie have been together for 25 years, Charlie is having issues with his eyes; a piranha needs surgery.
Animal CribsS2, EP2 "Chinchilla Chill Pad"Antonio and his team design and build an elaborate system of tunnels and towers spanning two rooms for a family and their seven chinchillas.
TankedS13, EP4 "Adrian Peterson's MVP Tank"The ATM crew must not only impress NFL superstar, Adrian Peterson, but also his wife with a fully decorated tank that fits perfectly in their wall.
TankedS13, EP7 "Anthony Davis' High Brow Tank"Wayde, Brett and the ATM crew have their work cut out for them, as they transform an entire room into an aquarium for NBA superstar Anthony Davis.
TankedS13, EP10 "Napping with the Fishes"Wayde and Brett accept a challenge from the CEO of Zappos, who wants a nap room for his employees, complete with a 24-foot-long tank.
TankedS13, EP5 "Shark Tank in The Shark Tank"Wayde and Brett design a tank for the San Jose Sharks complete with replica hockey gear, the team logo and living sharks.
Lone Star LawS9, EP12 "Wild Riders"Wardens Matt Kiel and Michael Serbanic race to confront reckless jet skiers who are wreaking havoc at a boat ramp; a rogue ATV rider tries to lie his way out of a trespassing charge; a crabber turns hostile when caught without a fishing license.
Lone Star LawS9, EP13 "No License to Kill"Foolhardy speedsters run afoul of wardens on a nighttime stakeout mission; Warden Mike Boone investigates reckless gunfire that is endangering life and property; Warden Chelsea Bailey crosses paths with a wanted man during a routine safety check.
Mega ZooS1, EP1 "Miska's Big Reveal"Critically injured koalas are rescued from Australia's blazing bushfires; two-tonne rhino calf named Kipenzi wreaks havoc in the zoo trucks; snow leopard Miska reveals an exciting secret.
Mega ZooS1, EP3 "Malu's Way or the Highway"Orangutan Malu destroys his playroom; an elderly horse must undergo a dangerous procedure; keepers must decide if it's time to say goodbye to one of the zoo's giraffes.
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