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Michigan WardensS1, EP8 "Do You Know the Speed Limit?"On a busy weekend, officers set up a speed patrol to track how fast boaters are traveling; officers find that as waterfowl season begins, hunters don't always have the necessary permits.
Michigan WardensS1, EP7 "Fishing for Trouble"An undercover patrol catches law-breaking anglers red-handed; conservation officers set up a three-point patrol along tributaries that channel into Lake Michigan, and they uncover a number of foul-hooked lake whitefish.
Lone Star Law: Bigger and BetterS6, EP18 "Caught in the Crossfire"Suspicions are raised when neighbors are questioned about stray bullets striking an elderly couple's home; a pair of wardens must respond to an emergency boating injury, and campers are found without essential water safety equipment.
Lone Star Law: Bigger and BetterS6, EP19 "Guns and Meth"During a routine hunting license check, Wardens Ben and Chelsea Bailey, who are married, discover illegal drugs; trespassers get caught in a dangerous, restricted area, and Warden James Cummings races to track down a man threatening to harm himself.
Pets & PickersS1, EP7 "Clawsit Conditions"Dino the dog's anxiety level has the owner sacrificing her own mental health treatments; another dog, Dexter, is becoming increasingly nippy and confused; the final push at Bin City needs to reap big rewards.
Pets & PickersS1, EP8 "Ulti-Mutt Ambition"Treating their dog's allergy plunges a young couple deep into debt; a hognose snake is reluctant to eat; early plans for a dog sanctuary are riding on a successful, well attended auction.
Pets & PickersS2, EP1 "Time is of the Essence"When doctors discover Benny, a lovable pitbull mix has a large cancerous lump on his head, his owner is determined to have a little more time; Dr. Schwartz is on a mission to uncover a mystery behind Tigger the cat's swollen face.
Gator BoysS2, EP2 "Alligator Face-Off"The boys have three minutes to obtain blood samples from aggressive gators for an important research project.
Treehouse MastersS3, EP8 "Vincent Van Treehouse"Pete helps three siblings surprise their parents with a Scandinavian-style, two story, art studio treehouse with Murphy-bed art tables, multi-use studio area and sky tents in Wisconsin.
Jeremy Wade's Dark WatersS1, EP4 "Cold Water Mystery"The Aleutian Islands are home to some of the most remote communities on earth; Jeremy Wade sets out to investigate reports of strange, alien species in the waters around the islands and the disappearance of fish that have been there for generations.
The ZooS5, EP1 "A New Reality"The zoo's medical team must perform critical surgery on a bison calf born with a bowed leg; three lynx kittens are ready to explore their exhibit; the first known U.S. case of COVID-19 in animals is confirmed when a Malayan tiger tests positive.
Dodo HeroesS1, EP6 "Estelle's Favorite Chimp"Chimp expert Estelle Raballand has formed an incredible bond with Ponso, a chimp who lives alone on an island and has been dubbed the loneliest chimp in the world; she's determined to find him a companion and thinks she has found the perfect match.
Jeremy Wade's Dark WatersS1, EP2 "Alaska's Lost River Kings"Fisherman and adventurer Jeremy Wade travels to Alaska to discover what has happened to the king salmon.
TankedS3, EP7 "Midwest Zest"A children's hospital in Detroit desires a treasure-chest tank; Heather and Agnes assume new roles; a leasing company wants a homey tank.
Pit Bulls and ParoleesS8, EP2 "Jail Break"Tia and her crew make multiple attempts to save a stray dog; Tia takes in two puppies when their owners can no longer take care of them; at VRC, beloved canine Lopez finally has a chance at a forever home.
Pit Bulls and ParoleesS8, EP7 "First Time for Everything"Trying to rescue a tied up dog in an abandoned house proves to be a challenge for Tia; Tania tries her hardest to find a unique dog a home, but a health scare puts the adoption at risk.
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