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Jeremy Wade's Mighty RiversS1, EP3 "The Danube"The Danube's scenic route through 10 European countries makes it a tourist magnet; poachers, invasive species and engineering projects make it one of the most endangered rivers on Earth; Jeremy Wade investigates what can be done to save it.
TankedS3, EP6 "On the Road Again"Brett and Wayde reflect on their unusual experiences building tanks across America.
Treehouse MastersS3, EP3 "Bionic Treehouse"Pete returns to where he built his very first treehouse; now with experience, knowledge, new techniques and some steel, he can rebuild it; he has the technology; he has the capability to build the world's first bionic treehouse.
The ZooS4, EP10 "Porcupine Blind Date"Needles the porcupine gets a new mate, and the Guar await their new calves.
Pit Bulls and ParoleesS8, EP6 "Shock to the System"Matt gets so scared during a rescue that Tania has to take over; newbie discovers the heartbreak associated with a life in dog rescue; a team favorite finally gets her shot at a forever home.
Pit Bulls and ParoleesS8, EP4 "New Heights"Adventurous Californian couple want to find a new dog to replace their recently passed one; Matt must hurry to save puppies trapped under railroad ties; sad news comes to Villalobos.
Deadliest CatchS15, EP5 "Shifting Stack"In the biggest storm of the season, Jake faces a life and death decision when a shifting stack threatens to capsize the Saga; Sig and Mandy haul through angry seas, while Josh and Casey gamble on quota but find there's more on the line than numbers.
Fish or DieS1, EP5 "The Four Norsemen"The guys discover Greenland is wilderness at its most pure - and most dangerous - when they follow a lead to an extremely remote river believed to hold massive Arctic char.
Jeremy Wade's Mighty RiversS1, EP1 "The Ganges"India's mighty Ganges, a river revered by a billion Hindus as a living goddess, faces trouble; Jeremy Wade goes on a 1,500-mile mission to investigate the problems firsthand and discover what is being done to save this holy river.
Dodo HeroesS2, EP5 "Theresa and Scruff's Kangaroo Haven"Theresa and Tony Scruff Matthews turned their dream retirement home in Australia into a full-time kangaroo rescue; they're ready to release kangaroos Lisa, Luna, and Barbie, but an injury might threaten one of them returning to the wild.
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