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Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain VetS8, EP3 "Little Puppy, Big Heart"Khaleesi, the golden retriever pup undergoes a life-saving procedure; vet tech Blaire faces heartbreak over her beloved senior dog, Zula; during the global pandemic, Dr. Jeff and Hector ensure pets from an elderly community receive proper care.
Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain VetS8, EP6 "Wild at Heart"Dr. Baier suspects a ferret suffers from a spinal injury after being attacked by the family canine; Dr. Jeff travels to a wolf sanctuary to spay and neuter a desperate pack of wolf-hybrids; three dogs are rescued from an overcrowded shelter.
Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain VetS8, EP7 "New Body for Lolly"Dr. Jeff preps a Shiba Inu for surgery after she's struck by a car; Dr. Baier performs his first-ever wild goose operation; an obese Yorkshire terrier struggling to walk begins a strict weight-loss plan.
Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain VetS8, EP9 "Healing Farm"Dr. Jeff tackles challenging surgeries on a pit bull with a broken leg and a feisty kitten's torn lower lip; Dr. Amy treats a dog that's acting sickly after a camping trip; Dr. Don handles a bladder stone removal on vet tech Christine's family pet.
Too Cute!"Fuzzy Polar Puppies"Nanook, a shy Chinook, is the only boy in a litter of four and is training to be a sled dog; Rocky the Labradoodle and his brother Stanley grow up poolside.
Cats 101S4, EP3 "Highlander, Arabian Mau, Khao Manee, European Shorthair, American Wirehair and Thai Cats"Arabian maus call the desert home; khao manees often have two different-colored eyes; additional breeds profiled include the European shorthair and American wirehair.
Dogs 101S2, EP6 "Designer Dogs"Labradoodle, puggle, chiweenie, goldendoodle, cavachon, and the chorkie.
Amanda to the RescueS2, EP6 "It's Raining Cats!"Felines take over when Amanda helps an energetic kitten facing euthanasia after breaking his leg for a second time, along with a tiny kitten born with malformed front legs; a 3-legged Husky-Rottweiler pup needs a forever home.
Too Cute!S2, EP2 "Jungle Kitties & Baby Skunks"Oreo the tiny tuxedo kitten meets a smelly look-alike; Russian Blue siblings go on an adventure; Freckles the Ocicat tries to control five little jungle cats.
Amanda to the RescueS2, EP4 "Super Scootie the Super Senior"Amanda finds forever homes for her Hawaiian rescues; Super Scootie has malformed legs among other problems and Loco Moco struggles to process visual cues; a new rescue arrives named Lily Rose, a blind and overweight toy spaniel.
The Zoo: San DiegoS2, EP3 "Cubs Come Home"A pair of rescued mountain lion cubs are ready for their new habitat; a white rhino undergoes an intense procedure in the hope of saving the species.
Cats 101S4, EP2 "Aegean, Skookum, Li Hua, Peterbald, Chantilly and Cats That Have Nine Lives"The first domesticated felines; a cat co-hosts a radio talk show; the cat world's version of Shirley Temple; a cat travels the Italian coast.
Dogs 101S2, EP5 "Border Collie, Chinese Crested, English Mastiff, Italian Greyhound, Lhasa Apso"Facts and trivia about border collies, Chinese cresteds, English mastiffs, Italian greyhounds and Lhasa Apsos.
The ZooS3, EP4 "Bouba's Back"Andean bear Bouba returns from the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., to reunite with his mate, Nicole; a king cobra is treated; Blanche, a feisty alpaca, is due to give birth at any moment.
Pit Bulls and ParoleesS9, EP9 "Going the Distance"After his adopter passes away, Tania heads to California to pick up a former VRC dog; a couple from Arkansas struggle to make a decision about which dog to adopt; after being rescued, a badly injured puppy turns out to be a missing pet.
Pit Bulls and ParoleesS9, EP8 "Hounded"When a dog that was adopted out mysteriously appears in a shelter in Mississippi, Tania and Earl head to the rescue; parolee Joe must separate two stray dogs fighting outside the shelter, leaving him shaken; hound dog adoption doesn't go as planned.
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