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Income PropertyS3, EP11 "Kerry"Scott helps divorced dad finish a basement apartment.
Income PropertyS3, EP12 "Lisa"Lisa debates filing an income suite for the last five years.
Income PropertyS3, EP13 "Matt & Lisa"Renovations to accommodate a disabled brother.
Income PropertyS4, EP1 "Martha & Darryl"Renovating an upstairs apartment.
Income PropertyS4, EP2 "Sabrina & Daryl"Renovating a basement apartment.
Income PropertyS4, EP4 "Lori"Upgrading a main floor apartment.
Income PropertyS4, EP3 "Claire & Ryan"Renovating a Granny flat.
Income PropertyS4, EP5 "Barb & Jamie"Barb and Jamie need help finishing a three year renovation.
Leave It to BryanS2, EP25 "Reno Reality Check"A couple has their eye on high-end custom finishes.
Leave It to BryanS2, EP23 "Space Case"Faye and Adam have big dreams for their small house.
Leave It to BryanS2, EP15 "Decision Revision"Steve's wife Pauline has trouble seeing the final vision come together. Bryan has never had to budget for indecisiveness before, which might cost the couple big in the end.
Income PropertyS9, EP6 "Putting Family First With Another Baby on the Way"With a growing family, Nuala and Dave must rent out their lake house in order to be able to keep it.
Income PropertyS9, EP7 "A Vacation Home With Rental Potential Is Like Music to Your Ears"Musician Justin Rutledge must renovate and rent out his waterfront cabin to help supplement his income.
Income PropertyS9, EP8 "A Multi-Building Vacation Property With Chalet Charm"Shannon convinces her husband, Noah, to gamble on a piece of property in the country with four buildings on it; Scott provides two options to help turn this purchase into a worthwhile financial investment.
Income PropertyS9, EP5 "She's on a Mission of Independence"Caitlyn needs to figure out how to plan for her financial future while turning her lake house into a modern vacation rental to cover the costs.
Income PropertyS2, EP8 "Anne and Karen"Sisters purchase a duplex from their landlord and when one of them moves out, she wants to convert her unit into a short-term executive rental.
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