From impressive builds and designs to household tips and tricks, At Home with Family Handyman provides hands-on inspiration for making your house a home. Get expert advice, watch stunning transformations, and learn helpful hints from everyday DIY enthusiasts to discover your next home project.
Save My RenoS1, EP14 "Ken and Elisa"Ken and Elisa hired a contractor to help renovate their home, but the contractor abandoned them in the middle of the project.
Save My RenoS1, EP13 "Brian and Lainie"A fun-loving family is tired of their home's cramped layout and galley-style kitchen.
Save My RenoS2, EP3 "Kim & Kyle"Sebastian and Sabrina work to transform Kim and Kyle's 100-year-old home, using up-cycled materials and imaginative design.
Save My RenoS2, EP4 "Jenn & Phil"With unfinished renovations and raccoons in the chimney, Phil and Jenn are getting desperate; it is up to Sabrina to keep Phil's expensive taste in check, while Sebastian works with Jenn to get this renovation on budget and ready in time for winter.
Leave It to BryanS7, EP3 "What the Smell"Tired of renovating for perspective buyers instead of themselves, a couple is eager to start renovating their forever home.
Leave It to BryanS7, EP4 "Stone Tag"Daniel and Rachelle can't agree on their renovations; Bryan gets caught in a game of stone tag.
Saturday Morning ProjectsS2, EP5 "Culinary Canvas: Kitchen Makeover Edition"Crafty DIYers create the kitchen of their dreams.
Saturday Morning ProjectsS2, EP6 "Holiday DIY Bliss!"A couple of DIYers decorate their homes for the holidays.
Worst to FirstS1, EP10 "Debbie & Carson"A couple searches for a home in a beachside community.
Worst to FirstS2, EP2 "Dave & Dan"The team struggles to hit a hole-in-one for a longtime golf lover.
Leave It to BryanS6, EP4 "Wiggle Room"Homeowners need to face the reality of a fixer-upper.
Leave It to BryanS6, EP1 "The Point Of It All"May wants to give Shawn's bachelor pad a facelift.
Income PropertyS5, EP38 "Sarah & Milo"Sarah and Milo are looking for a good investment property.
Income PropertyS6, EP1 "Michael & Karen"A couple searches for an urban house with a basement apartment.
Income PropertyS6, EP2 "Matt & Sarah"Sarah and Matt need to find a house with a basement apartment so Sarah's mom can live with them.
Worst to FirstS1, EP6 "Amanda & Darren"Amanda and Darren want to settle down in Blueridge, but the neighborhood is pricey.
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