From impressive builds and designs to household tips and tricks, At Home with Family Handyman provides hands-on inspiration for making your house a home. Get expert advice, watch stunning transformations, and learn helpful hints from everyday DIY enthusiasts to discover your next home project.
Backyard BuildsS3, EP9 "Carly & Nate - Pooch Party Pavilion"Carly and Nate's social media star dog, Dean the Basset Hound, has a lot of four-legged friends; Brian and Sarah create a bar and lounge that provides space for pet and owner gatherings alike, along with a stylish outdoor entertainment area.
Backyard BuildsS3, EP6 "Sonia & Paul - Social Central Sunroom"Sonia and Paul are big social connectors in their community; Brian and Sarah turn their barren backyard into a social hotspot, complete with sunroom, giant chessboard, waterfall, and stylish outdoor entertainment spaces.
Leave It to BryanS5, EP24 "Electric Feel"Kevin and Leah have a lot of reno ideas, but need help making them happen; Bryan encounters an unexpected issue.
Leave It to BryanS6, EP2 "Ants in Their Pants"Elise and Pierre are prepared to spend a lot on their renovation.
Leave It to BryanS2, EP2 "Reno Rescue"Bryan wants to help Rania and Steve with their money pit of a house.
Leave It to BryanS2, EP6 "The Cold War"Andy and Allison want to modernize their home, but Bryan's has a different reno idea.
Leave It to BryanS2, EP7 "Battling Brothers"Brothers Raj and Beej have conflicting priorities when it comes to renovating their home.
Leave It to BryanS2, EP4 "Curbed Reno"A couple are set on high-end custom finishes for their home.
Income PropertyS6, EP3 "Marissa & Bryan"Marissa and Bryan need Scott's help to find a home with an income suite.
Leave It to BryanS5, EP14 "Overlook the Details"Bryan starts a project to help Monica and Gary enjoy their forever home.
Leave It to BryanS5, EP18 "Checks Please"Jackie and Jamie want to make their house feel like a cozy retreat for their family; when Bryan takes his pick of renos, the road to relaxation hits a few speed bumps.
Leave It to BryanS5, EP9 "Came in Like Eric-ing Ball"Eric and Kristina don't know where to start with the renovations; Eric has building plans.
Leave It to BryanS5, EP6 "Reviving the Roost"When Susie and Louie move in to Susie's childhood home, they have strong ideas about how Bryan can make the space their own.
Leave It to BryanS5, EP12 "Having a Wall"Tracy and Chris want Bryan to help make their home a better long-term fit, but no renovation comes without surprises.
Leave It to BryanS5, EP8 "Daddy Duty"Bryan helps Katie and Matt renovate their space.
Leave It to BryanS5, EP10 "Chain of Tools"Chaney and Maureen have ideas, but need Bryan to execute them.
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