From impressive builds and designs to household tips and tricks, At Home with Family Handyman provides hands-on inspiration for making your house a home. Get expert advice, watch stunning transformations, and learn helpful hints from everyday DIY enthusiasts to discover your next home project.
Leave It to BryanS2, EP14 "Reno Backfire"Nicole has her hands full with a new home and an opinionated husband named Regan.
Leave It to BryanS2, EP17 "Mish Mash Mess"Stacey and Darren's home has quirks.
Leave It to BryanS2, EP20 "Dance Dance Renovation"Stefan and Michelle moved into their first home and it is the definition of a fixer-upper.
Leave It to BryanS2, EP16 "Reno Big or Go Home"Alison and Kevin are newlyweds ready to get their first reno started.
Income PropertyS6, EP1 "Michael & Karen"A couple searches for an urban house with a basement apartment.
Leave It to BryanS3, EP2 "Battling Budgets"A couple argues over ideas and budgets.
Leave It to BryanS3, EP3 "Law & Mortar"A couple is having a hard time converting an old triplex into a single-family home.
Leave It to BryanS3, EP7 "Safety Dance"An older home has safety issues.
Save My RenoS3, EP9 "Ryan & Nicoletta"Ryan and Nicoletta need help with a divided space that's begging for a new layout. Samantha and Sebastian are here to take this reno to school!
Save My RenoS3, EP8 "Karen & Keith"It's up to Samantha and Sebastian to crank up the heat on savings for Karen and Keith's open-concept dream kitchen and insulation overhaul.
Save My RenoS3, EP10 "David & Lynn"Sebastian and Samantha help a mother and son transform his dingy dungeon of a basement into a party pad mom can be proud of.
Save My RenoS3, EP13 "Shawna & Andrew"Sebastian and Samantha transform Shawna and Andrew's cramped Victorian into a spacious oasis.
Leave It to BryanS3, EP9 "Post With the Most"Bryan finds a major structural flaw in a couple's home.
Leave It to BryanS3, EP10 "A Leak of Faith"Bryan takes over a renovation.
Money for NothingS8, EP5Sarah turns to upcycler Jacqui Joseph to transform a pair of chairs and a laundry basket, while designer-maker Daniel Heath hopes to give a small melamine dining table a stylish update.
Money for NothingS8, EP6At Wallyford Recycling Centre in East Lothian, Sarah Moore is on the lookout for three unloved items she can save and sell on for a profit; to help transform her trio of skip finds, Sarah turns to designer-maker Rupert Blanchard.
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