From impressive builds and designs to household tips and tricks, At Home with Family Handyman provides hands-on inspiration for making your house a home. Get expert advice, watch stunning transformations, and learn helpful hints from everyday DIY enthusiasts to discover your next home project.
Income PropertyS5, EP37 "Mike & Vita"Mike and Vita are looking for an income property with long-term value.
Leave It to BryanS3, EP12 "Labour Intensive"The home of a couple expecting their first baby needs a renovation.
Leave It to BryanS3, EP8 "Wall Me Maybe"Past problems have forced homeowners to do certain renovations.
Income PropertyS6, EP5 "Jen & Brock"A couple looks for a home with a rental unit in a hot neighborhood.
Income PropertyS6, EP6 "Erin"Erin is anxious to get out of her condo and into a house.
Income PropertyS6, EP7 "Sarah & Jim"A couple wants an investment property to help put their five daughters through college.
Income PropertyS6, EP8 "Nick & Karen"Nick and Karen want to upsize from their condo. In order to afford the house, it has to have an income property.
Leave It to BryanS4, EP6 "Where It Drains It Pours"Edwin and Amy are slowly upgrading their house and want more space for family; Bryan discovers one issue after another.
Backyard BuildsS2, EP4 "Tammy & Sam: Tropical Family Resort"Brian and Sarah bring Tammy and Sam's backyard back to life with a new dining and lounge area, and a functional pool house.
Backyard BuildsS2, EP7 "Andrea & David: Farm-to-Table"Brian and Sarah transform Andrea and David's basic yard, complete with a veggie garden, dining room, BBQ zone, and a kids' play space.
The Outdoor ShowS1, EP4 "Best Backyards"DIY enthusiasts create incredible outdoor builds and the coziest outdoor living spaces.
The Outdoor ShowS1, EP5 "Inspiring Builds"DIY enthusiasts create incredible outdoor builds and the coziest outdoor living spaces.
Leave It to BryanS4, EP1 "Between Gyprock & a Hard Place"Bryan helps a couple with three half-completed projects.
Leave It to BryanS4, EP8 "The Fighting's on the Wall"An arguing couple needs Bryan's help to decide which renovation is best for their family.
Money for NothingS8, EP14Sarah calls on lighting expert Guy Trench to find a new use for a collection of auction cast-offs.
Money for NothingS8, EP15Reclamation master Jay Blades is at a recycling center in Altrincham.
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