From impressive builds and designs to household tips and tricks, At Home with Family Handyman provides hands-on inspiration for making your house a home. Get expert advice, watch stunning transformations, and learn helpful hints from everyday DIY enthusiasts to discover your next home project.
Income PropertyS6, EP5 "Jen & Brock"A couple looks for a home with a rental unit in a hot neighborhood.
Income PropertyS6, EP6 "Erin"Erin is anxious to get out of her condo and into a house.
Income PropertyS6, EP7 "Sarah & Jim"A couple wants an investment property to help put their five daughters through college.
Income PropertyS6, EP8 "Nick & Karen"Nick and Karen want to upsize from their condo. In order to afford the house, it has to have an income property.
Worst to FirstS1, EP1 "Alexis & Tyler"Alexis and Tyler are just about ready to give up on their house hunt; an unexpected issue arises with the renovation.
Worst to FirstS1, EP2 "Shelley & Mike"Empty nesters Shelley and Mike are frustrated with the rising cost of homes in their desired neighborhood.
Open House OverhaulS1, EP7 "All Grown Up"Elly & Ray's house is perfect for kids. Sam and team make it appealing to grown-ups.
Open House OverhaulS1, EP8 "Plus Personality"Ditmar's house has great bones, but it has no personality.
Leave It to BryanS6, EP4 "Wiggle Room"Homeowners need to face the reality of a fixer-upper.
Leave It to BryanS6, EP1 "The Point Of It All"May wants to give Shawn's bachelor pad a facelift.
Leave It to BryanS6, EP8 "Inside the Box"Design obstacles compromise Stuart and Yvette's dream space.
Leave It to BryanS6, EP6 "Stone Faced"Reid ends up being more involved in the renovation than he'd expected.
Leave It to BryanS6, EP7 "The Right Stuff"Paul and Denise are disorganized; Bryan takes on a unique project.
Leave It to BryanS6, EP9 "Wet Wipe"Bryan encounters budget constraints on Erin and Karl's renovation.
Income PropertyS7, EP13 "Alexis & Craig"Scott helps a couple of freelance workers choose between a city bungalow, a downtown fixer-upper and a suburban bungalow.
Leave It to BryanS1, EP4 "Shotgun Reno"Bryan has an idea for Teresa's fantasy bathroom.
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