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Drinking Made EasyS1, EP15 "Kansas City"The "Paris of the Plains"; edible cocktails; creator of the Bergin Malt; Kansas City barbecue-eating challenge.
Drinking Made EasyS1, EP16 "Denver"The home of Fat Tire; hitting the limit at Rio Grande; bull testicle-eating contest.
Drinking Made EasyS1, EP17 "Salt Lake City"Utah's oldest bar; dispelling myths about drinking in Utah; the difference between vodka and whiskey.
Drinking Made EasyS1, EP18 "Boise"Ten-minute martini; micro-distillery; french fry-eating contest in a car.
Drinking Made EasyS1, EP19 "Portland"Rose-City; drinking at a converted elementary school; avocado margarita; Portland's oldest restaurant.
Drinking Made EasyS1, EP20 "Napa"Wine country; making fresh Limoncello; Rubicon Estates; grape leaf-eating contest.
Drinking Made EasyS1, EP21 "San Francisco"Fritz Maytag leads the craft beer revolution; drinking Fernet Branca upside down; drinking on a mobile island.
Drinking Made EasyS1, EP22 "Las Vegas"Bacon martini; deep-fried Oreos; Planet Hollywood.
Paul Shaffer Plus OneS1, EP1 "Joe Walsh"Paul sits down with the legendary guitarist from The Eagles, Joe Walsh; Joe Walsh discuss everything from their influences to what it takes to write a hit guitar riff.
Paul Shaffer Plus OneS1, EP2 "Graham Nash"Graham Nash joins Paul Shaffer and reveals how he met David Crosby and where their relationship stands today.
Paul Shaffer Plus OneS1, EP3 "Sammy Hagar"Sammy Hagar joins Paul Shaffer to reflect on his musical influences, the resurgence in rock music, and his experiences in Montrose.
Paul Shaffer Plus OneS1, EP4 "Billy Gibbons"ZZ Top guitarist and lead singer Billy Gibbons discusses working with the iconic Jimi Hendrix and how the blues influenced his music; Paul and Billy play a Muddy Waters cover from Billy's solo album "The Big Bad Blues."
Paul Shaffer Plus OneS1, EP5 "Donald Fagen"Donald Fagen of Steely Dan discusses songwriting, his relationship with the band's co-founder Walter Becker, and gives Paul a music lesson.
Paul Shaffer Plus OneS1, EP6 "Buddy Guy"Buddy Guy reveals how he acquired his first guitar, and discusses his new album, "The Blues Is Alive and Well."
Paul Shaffer Plus OneS1, EP7 "Harry Shearer as Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap"Paul is joined by comedian and actor Harry Shearer in character as the iconic Derek Smalls of "This Is Spinal Tap."
Paul Shaffer Plus OneS1, EP8 "Smokey Robinson"Paul is joined by Motown legend Smokey Robinson; the two discuss Robinson's life in music and his journey as an artist and as a musician.
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