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Art Mann PresentsS9, EP13 "The Top 10 Drunkest Events Ever"The top ten events with ample drunk people.
Art Mann PresentsS9, EP14 "Country Music Parking Lot Party"You don't need concert tickets for this party.
Get Out!EP23 "Abreu"Cara, Sally and Leilani visit a clothing optional resort; jungle adventure down an icy river.
Get Out!EP24 "Sosua"Cara plays at a clothing-optional resort; Sabrina and Casey tour Sosua.
Get Out!EP25 "Playa Chiquita"Cara's sunset photo shoot; Casey and Sabrina get a surf lesson; beaches of the Dominican Republic.
Get Out!EP26 "Cabarete"The beach-side town of Cabarete; downpour on a zipline adventure.
Get Out!EP27 "Puerto Plata"Marine mammal time at Ocean World; super slide challenge; Casey and Sabrina's photo shoots.
Get Out!EP28 "Forteleza San Felipe"Cara visits a friend and a nightclub; Sally's beach photo shoot.
Art Mann PresentsS9, EP5 "The Color Run"10,000 happy people throw color everywhere.
Art Mann PresentsS9, EP6 "Music, Tattoos and Booze"Musink tattoo and music festival, and the latest beverages from the Nightclub and Bar Show.
Art Mann PresentsS9, EP7 "Country Thunder"Country music fans gather to camp and get crazy in the Arizona desert.
Art Mann PresentsS9, EP8 "Carolina Rebellion"North Carolina's annual rock music celebration.
Art Mann PresentsS9, EP9 "Rockfest Kansas"The largest one-day rock music festival in the United States.
Art Mann PresentsS9, EP10 "Punk Rock in Sin City"Good times and drunken fun at a giant punk rock show in Las Vegas.
Art Mann PresentsS9, EP11 "Run, Paddle, Vomit"A strange athletic event.
Art Mann PresentsS9, EP12 "The Hootenanny Music Festival"An outdoor rockabilly party.
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