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Florida Sport Fishing TV"Superfish"Chasing the perfect predator.
ArmyRedfishAnglersS1, EP6 "Semi Final Rd 2"Today's semifinal round matchup features Team 5, Army Redfish Angler Cole Brewer and Air Force Redfish Angler Everett Eugenio.
Catching Bass with Dustin WilksEP14 "Up a River"Dustin takes his jet boat to a scenic river to catch some un-pressured bass.
Final Draw"Ohio Giant"Josh kills a 200-inch buck in Ohio during the rut.
MeatEaterS11, EP6 "Hawaii Hogs and Sheep"Steve and Ryan Callaghan hunt for wild hogs and feral sheep with Danny Bolton.
Hit Squad Outdoors With Tim Sylvia"Xpedition Bucks"Join five-time UFC Champion as he embraces the outdoors with friends and family.
Trekin Outdoors"Michigan Salmon Run"Trekin Outdoors showcases the real and raw realities that everyday hunters experience. Follow along with Chris, Tyler and their crazy Uncle Steve as they chase big game across the country.
Hollywood WeaponsS5, EP1 "Terry's Lethal Weapon"Terry and Larry tackle the epic Lethal Weapon series testing 4 different scenes. Can a Surfboard act as a projectile going through a car windshield and killing the bad guy?
Catching Bass with Dustin WilksEP12 "Fall Patterns"Dustin shows key areas and lures for fall bass fishing.
Fishing With Roland MartinEP11 "Oklahoma Bassin With Jimmy"Jimmy and Roland figured out hot summer bass paterns.
Fishing 411"The Power of the Yakima Bait Spin n Glo"The Yakima Bait Spin n Glo attractor is an iconic bait that catches lake trout like no other.
Winchester Deadly PassionEP1 "Season Kickoff Montana Antelope"Hunting antelope with a bow can be a game of patience but this turns out to be a great hunt in Montana to kick off the season.
Relentless PursuitS14, EP17 "Russian Boar"Tim Wells hosts episode after episode featuring incredible shots on everything from hogs to frogs.
Everything EichlerEP6 "Turkey Double Grand Slam"In a first for Fred, he takes the turkey grand slam with both bow and gun in one spring.
The Sporting ChefS10, EP8 "Grilled Meat Boats"Stacy Lyn Harris shows off a unique approach to a pork presentation, while Harvesting Nature is all about wild pigs; Tommy the Fishmonger Gomes is back and Scott Leysath prepares a classic South American dish.
Jim Shockey's: The Professionals"Sharks - 1,323 lbs of Nightmare"Corey Knowlton heads out with Mako Matt in hopes of hunting down the largest mako shark in the world off the coast of Huntington Beach, Calif.
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