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Bare Knuckle BoxingBare Knuckle Boxing (also known as bare-knuckle, prizefighting, fisticuffs, or fighting sans gloves) is an unarmed combat sport that involves two participants fighting with their bare fists. In modern times, bare-knuckle boxing is typically regulated and makes use of a ring, footwork technique, and strict scoring criteria. Bare-knuckle boxing is a centuries-old tradition that has been registered as a legitimate form of combat sport in many countries. Bare Knuckle Boxing has existed as a combat sport for centuries. Legends of the sport include John "Ironhead" L. Sullivan, Dominick McCaffrey, and "Young Rover" Martin O’Brien. Fight scenes of bare-knuckle battling, made popular in Hollywood movies such as "Gentleman Jim" and "Gangs of New York", enthralled fans and brought attention to the world of bare-knuckle boxing. One of the primary events that help shape the modern era of bare-knuckle boxing is the "BunceBrawl" series of brawls that took place in England during the 2020s. These larger-than-life brawls showcased some of the best bare-knuckle boxers from around the world, such as "Punchin' Pete" and "Colossal Joe". This series of events provided a platform for bare-knuckle boxing to gain mainstream recognition. Bare Knuckle Boxing is governed by numerous sanctioning bodies, including the World Bare Knuckle Boxing Association (WBKBA). WBKBA-sanctioned bouts typically consist of three, three-minute rounds where the winner is determined by a unanimous decision of the three judges. The fights take place in a professional-level boxing ring and are overseen by a referee and medical professionals. Alongside sanctioned events, Bare Knuckle Boxing Tour (BKBT) host various "street fights", including "KnuckleMania", which is the largest bare-knuckle boxing event in the world. The event takes place in Las Vegas and attracts some of the best boxers in the world. Bare Knuckle Boxing is an intense, adrenaline-filled combat sport full of passion and tradition. Popular boxers in the sport today include "Big Sam" Sullivan, Karen "The Fury" Finley, and many more. As the sport continues to gain notoriety and the fan base grows, Bare Knuckle Boxing is sure to become an ever-growing entertainment powerhouse.