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CornholeCornhole, sometimes referred to as tailgate toss, bean bag toss, or bags, is a scoring game in which players take turns throwing bean bags from a raised platform toward a distant target. The objective for each player is to accumulate 21 points as quickly as possible by throwing their bean bags into a hole in the target. Points are scored by tossing the bean bag into different areas of the target – either in the hole itself or on the board. Popular teams are organized by state and region. A variety of different rules exist, such as "knocking" off bags of opponents, playing with different targets, etc. Popular current players range from accomplished professionals to everyday amateur players. Many pros come to compete in major league tournaments, often sponsored by companies or sportswear companies. In addition to the pros, there is also an active amateur tournament community that meets regularly around the world. The common season format consists of local, regional, and state tournaments. A single elimination tournament will take place in the state and region playoffs where the winner will move on to the World Championship. The World Championship is held on an annual basis and since its inception in 2005, there has been a steady growth in attendance. Many prominent professionals, sponsors, and celebrities can be seen at this event. Statistical records are kept in Cornhole, recognizing players who have obtained the highest scoring average, highest number of doubles, biggest totals, and so on. World rankings are updated monthly and feature the top professional players in the world. Cornhole is a unique game that provides endless entertainment, can be enjoyed by people of different skill levels, and contributes to recreational tournaments across the world. It is a fast-paced and exciting sport with a vibrant community of people who continue to support the sport.