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High School LacrosseHigh School Lacrosse is the most popular youth lacrosse program in the nation. It is the fastest growing high school sport across the US with over 824,000 athletes currently playing in over 18,500 programs across all 50 states. Players in high school lacrosse competition come from public high schools, private high schools, and club teams. High School lacrosse season typically runs in the Spring and games are held throughout the season. Most states will organize their teams and conferences into divisions based on school size. Tournaments and championship playoffs are held after the regular season to determine who is the best in each division. Games are officiated by referees, with each team having seven players on the field at a time. Players compete for the ball using 3-foot lacrosse sticks with a mesh netting at the end, and use a hard rubber ball to pass and shoot the ball. High School lacrosse is a sport rich in history. Some of the most popular high school teams include Ward Melville, Bronxville, St. Anthony's, Yorktown, Staples-Westport, and Darien. Popular current players in High School lacrosse include Mikey Wynne (McDonogh School) and Maddie Stephens (Palos Verdes). US Lacrosse, the official governing body, has provided support for youth lacrosse since 1998, establishing rules and providing resources for player safety, coaches’ education, and programs. High School lacrosse is an exciting sport with unique challenges, quick gameplay, and the goal of working together as a team to achieve victory. With its increasing popularity, high school lacrosse players are getting more recognition with a focus on skills, sportsmanship, and building a legacy. From district tournaments to national championships, High School lacrosse stands to provide outstanding opportunities and lifetime memories.