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Young SheldonS6, EP22 "A Tornado, a Ten-Hour Flight and a Darn Fine Ring"Sheldon and Mary head to Germany while the rest of the Cooper family braves a tornado that is heading straight for Medford.
Young SheldonS1, EP18 "A Mother, a Child, and a Blue Man's Backside"Mary bans Sheldon from reading a mature comic book; Sheldon decides it's time to stop living under Mary's thumb.
The Big Bang TheoryS9, EP10 "The Earworm Reverberation"Sheldon has a song stuck in his head; despite their awkward date, Amy asks Dave over for dinner; Koothrappali and Wolowitz are obsessed with a fan of their band.
The Big Bang TheoryS4, EP19 "The Zarnecki Incursion"The guys try to figure out who hacked Sheldon's online-game account.
The NeighborhoodS2, EP13 "Welcome to the New Pastor"Tina spends time with the charming new minister she helped select for her church; Calvin suspects the man may be coveting more than just job security; Marty gets a surprise when he finally meets his disruptive, new upstairs neighbor.
The NeighborhoodS4, EP4 "Welcome to the Porch Pirate"When Dave and Gemma face a devastating loss, Calvin and Tina offer emotional support and reflect on a period that tested their own family.
Patti Stanger: The MatchmakerS1, EP8 "Don't Always Take the Lead"Patti teaches a successful girl boss how not to date down and gives a single divorced dad of three the tools to land the relationship he has always wanted.
Police 24/7S1, EP1 "The Chase"Suspects lead police on a car chase, then a foot chase through houses; officers apply first aid to a gunshot victim and arrest his roommate; officers confront a man about domestic violence against his girlfriend.
Young SheldonS2, EP8 "An 8-Bit Princess and a Flat Tire Genius"A video game takes over Sheldon and Meemaw's life; George Sr. is jealous when Georgie bonds with Herschel at the auto shop.
Young SheldonS1, EP15 "Dolomite, Apple Slices, and a Mystery Woman"Sheldon makes friends with an upperclassman who introduces him to a new field of science; Mary and George disagree on how to handle Sheldon's blossoming social life.
The Big Bang TheoryS9, EP7 "The Spock Resonance"Sheldon struggles to keep his emotions in check when he is interviewed for a documentary about Spock; Penny and Leonard make a surprising discovery; Wolowitz and Bernadette get into a disagreement about remodeling his childhood home.
The Big Bang TheoryS4, EP16 "The Cohabitation Formulation"Wolowitz considers taking things with Bernadette to the next level; Leonard and Raj's sister rekindle their relationship.
The NeighborhoodS4, EP2 "Welcome to the Intervention"When a member of the community's behavior becomes increasingly erratic, Calvin and Dave step up to help; Marty undergoes a dramatic makeover to impress a longtime crush.
The NeighborhoodS3, EP17 "Welcome to the Invasion"When Calvin's archrivals, the Pink Ladies, move their manicure business into the local barbershop, Dave encourages him to make peace until the women take a prank too far and the guys decide to plot revenge.
All AmericanS6, EP9 "100%"With one of the biggest games of his career around the corner, Spencer seeks guidance by revisiting his past; Layla continues to work through her mental health recovery; Olivia receives unexpected feedback from her publisher.
Whose Line Is It Anyway?S13, EP5 "Jeff Davis 17"Guest comic Jeff Davis.
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