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Midsomer Murders FavoritesS9, EP6 "Country Matters"Barnaby and Jones investigate the death of a man found in a deserted timberyard.
Midsomer Murders FavoritesS9, EP7 "Last Year's Model"Barnaby begins to doubt the evidence in a woman's murder trial.
Hudson & RexS1, EP9 "The Mourning Show"Charlie looks into a morning show host after her husband is found dead.
Hudson & RexS1, EP10 "Art of Darkness"With a gallery curator found murdered on his showroom floor and a missing sculpture, Charlie, Rex and Sarah are thrown into the world of high art.
Hudson & RexS1, EP11 "Bad Water Rising"When an activist is killed during a break-in at a water bottling plant, the evidence seems to point toward his partner-in-crime.
Hudson & RexS1, EP12 "A Cult Education"When Donovan's ex, a recovering addict, wakes up with blood on her hands and a dead roommate in her apartment, the team moves quickly, finding there's more to the story.
Hudson & RexS1, EP13 "The Rex Files"When a deadly car accident leads Charlie and Rex to investigate reports of a mysterious blue light in the sky, they discover the truth is more science than fiction.
Hudson & RexS2, EP1 "A Man of Consequence"Charlie and Rex have a run-in with a wanted criminal, when his past catches up with him.
Hudson & RexS2, EP2 "Over Ice"Charlie and Rex investigate a hot case under cold conditions when a figure skating coach is found dead.
Hudson & RexS2, EP3 "Blind Justice"After a murder at the shipping container port, Charlie and Rex partner with a Border Security officer to track down the mastermind behind a smuggling ring.
Hudson & RexS2, EP4 "Strangers in the Night"Charlie and Rex pull apart the secrets of a local band when their lead singer is found dead on the beach.
Hudson & RexS2, EP5 "Dead Man Walking"The clock is ticking as Charlie and Rex attempt to find a murderer before the victim can succumb to the poison slowly killing them.
Acapulco H.E.A.T.S2, EP19 "Cult Hero"The team is asked to provide security for a supposedly peaceable cult, but Johanna is drawn to the organization.
Acapulco H.E.A.T.S2, EP20 "Blood Ties"A former member enlists Nicole and the team to save his fiancé after she's kidnapped by her own father, a powerful senator opposed to the impending nuptials.
Acapulco H.E.A.T.S2, EP23 "Matador"Cat witnesses a drug dealer's murder and after reporting it becomes a target for a corrupt police force.
Acapulco H.E.A.T.S2, EP24 "Juice"A female D.E.A. agent helps the team bust a ring of drug smugglers supplying illegal steroids to athletes after Tommy's karate opponent dies during a match.
Acapulco H.E.A.T.S2, EP25 "Lollipop, Lollipop"A Latin American millionaire hires the team to find his niece.
The ListenerS3, EP7 "Poisoned Minds"Toby and Michelle investigate the death of a pharmaceutical executive who released a drug with killer results.
The ListenerS3, EP8 "Now You See Him"Toby and Michelle must recapture an escaped criminal mastermind before he can seek revenge.
The ListenerS3, EP9 "Crossed"Toby starts doubting his abilities after Michelle questions his insights during their investigation into a wealthy philanthropist's murder.
The ListenerS3, EP10 "Lockdown"Toby and the IIB must find the source of a deadly virus before it kills more people.
The ListenerS3, EP11 "Captain Nightfall"Violent home invasions are being interrupted by a citizen dressed as a superhero.
Midsomer Murders FavoritesS9, EP1 "The House in the Woods"A couple is murdered near a house that is said to be haunted.
Midsomer Murders FavoritesS9, EP2 "Dead Letters"A mother is found dead during Oak Apple Week and Barnaby is sent to investigate.
Murdoch MysteriesS5, EP2 "Back and to the Left"Murdoch pursues a Catholic suspect in the attempted assassination of the city's Protestant Mayor.
Murdoch MysteriesS5, EP3 "Evil Eye of Egypt"When Murdoch probes deaths linked to Egyptian antiquities, Crabtree is convinced a curse is to blame.
Murdoch MysteriesS5, EP4 "War on Terror"Murdoch infiltrates an anarchist group lead by activist Emma Goldman.
Murdoch MysteriesS5, EP5 "Murdoch at the Opera"Murdoch investigates the murder of a young opera singer.
Murdoch MysteriesS5, EP6 "Who Killed the Electric Carriage?"The ambitious inventor of an electric vehicle.
Murdoch MysteriesS5, EP7 "Stroll on the Wild Side"Murdoch meets former lover Anna.
Murdoch MysteriesS5, EP8 "Stroll on the Wild Side"Murdoch investigates the murder of a shy librarian.
Murdoch MysteriesS5, EP9 "Invention Convention"Murdoch teams up with Alexander Graham Bell when a ruthless inventor is killed by a rival.
Murdoch MysteriesS5, EP10 "Staircase to Heaven"A high stakes card game involving Dr. Grace ends in death.
Murdoch MysteriesS5, EP11 "Murdoch in Toyland"Murdoch is taunted by a murderer who leaves dolls with personal messages at crime scenes.
Murdoch MysteriesS5, EP12 "Murdoch Night in Canada"The death of a Toronto hockey team captain.
Murdoch MysteriesS5, EP13 "Twentieth Century Murdoch"Murdoch meets a man who says he can travel in time to prevent crimes.
Movin' OnS2, EP5 "A Home Is Not a House"A widow and her sons produce a land grant establishing their ownership of the town square of Mobile, Ala.
Movin' OnS2, EP6 "To Be in Carolina"Two truckers find adventure as they travel across the country.
Movin' OnS2, EP7 "Will the Last Trucker Leaving Charlotte Please Turn Out the Lights"Extortionists threaten the partners and a 4-year-old girl.
Movin' OnS2, EP8 "General Delivery"The partners bet Benjy and Moose that they can beat them to Raleigh.
Movin' OnS2, EP9 "Big Wheel"To collect a fee from a race manager, the partners must run in a Charlotte, N.C., stock-car race.
Movin' OnS2, EP10 "Prosperity Number One"A miner's strike in Appalachia inflames a family feud; guest Patricia Neal.
Midsomer Murders FavoritesS9, EP3 "Vixen's Run"Barnaby and Jones suspect foul play when a wealthy man dies of a heart attack.
Midsomer Murders FavoritesS9, EP4 "Down Among the Dead Men"When a man is shot in his home, Barnaby and Jones search for the killer.
Midsomer Murders FavoritesS9, EP5 "Death in Chorus"Barnaby must investigate when a local choir member is found dead.
Murdoch MysteriesS6, EP1 "Murdoch Air"Murdoch investigates the crash of a flying machine that killed a man, uncovering conspiracy and sabotage.
Murdoch MysteriesS6, EP2 "Winston's Lost Night"Detective Murdoch suspects a soldier after a veteran is slain by a sword.
Murdoch MysteriesS6, EP3 "Murdoch on the Corner"Murdoch films a street corner to catch a killer.
Murdoch MysteriesS6, EP4 "A Study in Sherlock"A man claiming to be Sherlock Holmes is the prime suspect in a murderous gang of armed robbers.
Murdoch MysteriesS6, EP6 "Murdoch and the Cloud of Doom"Murdoch races to stop a madman threatening Toronto with a deadly gas.
Murdoch MysteriesS6, EP7 "The Ghost of Queen's Park"Murdoch and Crabtree argue about a supposed ghost that murdered a politician.
Murdoch MysteriesS6, EP8 "Murdoch in Ladies Wear"An Eaton's department store manager, who was disliked, is murdered.
Murdoch MysteriesS6, EP9 "Victoria Cross"A murder investigation is hindered by an uncooperative witness.
Murdoch MysteriesS6, EP10 "Twisted Sisters"Murdoch investigates multiple drownings of single career women.
Murdoch MysteriesS6, EP11 "Lovers in a Murderous Time"A delusional woman is the prime suspect in the stabbing of her fiance.
Murdoch MysteriesS6, EP12 "Crime & Punishment"One of Murdoch's colleagues is implicated in a murder.
Murdoch MysteriesS6, EP13 "The Murdoch Trap"While trying to save his colleagues, Detective Murdoch is trapped by the true killer.
The BorderS2, EP12 "Shifting Waters"Kessler and ICS fight to rescue a Canadian submarine crew trapped under the ice.
The BorderS2, EP13 "Going Dark"Gray and Layla are drawn into a turf war between rival Italian gangs.
The BorderS3, EP1 "The Dead"Kessler and Carver hover near death; Gray searches for Layla's killer.
The BorderS3, EP2 "Broken"Bianca LaGarda returns to ICS escorting a Guantanamo Bay prisoner with ties to terrorists.
The BorderS3, EP3 "Killer Debt"ICS hunts a respected financier suspected of running a massive Ponzi scheme.
The BorderS3, EP4 "Hate Metal"Gray and Carver infiltrate a white supremacist's compound.
The BorderS3, EP5 "Missing in Action"Kessler is kidnapped by the Taliban.
The BorderS3, EP6 "Kiss and Cry"Zoe helps an Olympic athlete defect to Canada.
The BorderS3, EP7 "Bride Price"Khali helps an Indian woman track down her runaway groom.
The BorderS3, EP8 "Dark Ride"ICS must save Maggie's daughter from a serial killer.
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