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Buried in the BackyardS5, EP7 "To Catch a Thief"When a widower disappears from his Southern California home, investigators find themselves caught up in a federal investigation involving the infamous hunt for skyjacker D.B. Cooper.
Buried in the BackyardS5, EP8 "One of Our Own"When a promising forensics student is found mutilated on a lonely stretch of Utah highway, her sheriff's department colleagues will stop at nothing to deliver justice.
Family MassacreS1, EP10 "The Rogers Family"After the bodies of an Ohio mother and her two daughters are found in the Tampa Bay waters in June of 1989, detectives launch a multiyear, painstaking investigation that finally leads them to an elusive and unexpected killer.
Family MassacreS1, EP9 "The Brenizer/Berentson Family"In 1999, a family of five vanishes from their home in rural Wisconsin; when remains are discovered in their burned-out car, the community is on edge with rumors of occult killers, while the investigation leads to a shocking and sinister conclusion.
Black Widow MurdersS1, EP3 "Sharon Nelson Harrelson"After a fire dispatcher is found dead in a raging house fire, police discover that it's not the first time his wife has become a widow, and investigators get a confession in an unexpected location.
Black Widow MurdersS1, EP4 "Lynette Bell"After a decade of rumors, an elderly woman in rural Louisiana falls under suspicion when a man is found dead in her apartment, and local authorities discover an extensive history of tragedies, all surrounding the friendly church lady.
SnappedS30, EP11 "Lisa Dolph Hostetter"When a young woman is found mysteriously gunned down off a remote highway, Michigan detectives look into the victim's past for answers, uncovering a scandalous web of infidelity and betrayal.
SnappedS30, EP12 "Melanie Eam"The investigation of a young gamer's murder begins with his mother's heartbreaking 911 call but when detectives find a clue inside evidence left at the crime scene, the case turns into a multi-state search for a heartbroken suspect.
SnappedS30, EP13 "Sheila Graham-Trott"After a psychic dream leads detectives in Florida to the body of a missing nurse, the ensuing investigation uncovers a series of brutal betrayals exposing a vengeful killer fueled by jealousy.
The Real Murders of Orange CountyS3, EP6 "Money, Lies, and Murder"Investigators working on the cold case murder of a beloved Orange County millionaire uncover a box of old tape recordings that reveal long-buried secrets, leading them on a path to finally nail the killer.
The Real Murders of Orange CountyS3, EP7 "Campus Killer"When an ambitious college student is stabbed to death after a campus concert, the brutality of the attack leads police to believe it must have been personal; the resolution nine years later, however, proves darker than anyone could have imagined.
The Real Murders of AtlantaS2, EP1 "Terror in East Point"A serial shooter terrorizes the quiet Atlanta suburb of East Point, leaving a trail of bodies and cryptic notes in his wake; with five shootings and counting, investigators race against the clock to find the killer before he strikes again.
The Real Murders of AtlantaS2, EP2 "Deadly Election"The newly elected Dekalb County sheriff is murdered just days before taking office; when the task force digs into who would kill such a decorated public figure, they uncover a chilling conspiracy that shakes Atlanta law enforcement to its core.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS2, EP13 "The House on Sidney's Cove"The security cameras at the home of a wife and mother of three's home may hold the key to solving the mystery of her disappearance.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS11, EP1 "The Informant"An old case is blown wide open by a confession years after a man is convicted of murdering Heidi Allen, last seen working at a store to earn cash for college.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS11, EP2 "Rear Window"Corey Parker's murder jolts a sleepy seaside community with the chilling realization that a killer is walking among them.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS11, EP3 "Hinckley: Diary of a Dangerous Mind"Pages from the diary of John Hinckley Jr., who was arrested in 1981 for trying to assassinate President Ronald Reagan, are revealed.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS3, EP8 "Blind Justice"A crime takes place in Florida but detectives don't discover a motive for murder until they look into a tropical island thousands of miles away, where a festering grudge was born.
Buried in the BackyardS2, EP7 "Gone Girls"When a man and his dog make a disturbing discovery in a backyard beach, a series of horrifying events unfold in a sleepy South Carolina town; investigators fear no one is safe as they desperately track a killer potentially hiding in plain sight.
Buried in the BackyardS2, EP4 "Murders in Maine"When a young mother in Newport, Maine, goes missing, the case goes cold until another mom suddenly vanishes, sparking an investigation that leads to a deadly game of cat and mouse and grisly discoveries in a rustic backyard.
Dateline NBCS28, EP14 "The Music Box"When a woman is abducted during her evening shift at a gift shop, her family keeps the case in the public eye for decades, until investigators finally solve the mystery.
Dateline NBCS28, EP15 "The Music Box"When a woman is abducted during her evening shift at a gift shop, her family keeps the case in the public eye for decades, until investigators finally solve the mystery.
DatelineS7, EP6 "Jonestown: An American Tragedy"An in-depth look at the journalists who exposed the dangers of cult leader Reverend Jim Jones; interviews with witnesses to murders carried out by Jones' followers.
Buried in the BackyardS5, EP9 "Unlucky Gamble"Detectives attempt to trace a young woman's last steps as she leaves a casino and disappears into the night; an almost forgotten childhood memory helps find her buried in the backyard.
Buried in the BackyardS5, EP10 "Buried Again"When a young South Carolina father goes missing, investigators must navigate a twisting trail of small-town rumors and misguided revenge to uncover the deadly truth.
Buried in the BackyardS5, EP11 "Gone in the Sand"When a Texas father disappears without a trace, investigators go on an international manhunt to catch a killer and unravel a sinister plot that has them searching for answers deep into the Chihuahuan Desert.
Buried in the BackyardS5, EP12 "Poison Letters"A retiree settles in Southern California hoping to live his best life; when he disappears without a trace, investigators must uncover if his demise was connected to the unconventional pen pals he made.
New York HomicideS1, EP3 "Deadly Spell"Mama Edna, a pillar of the Haitian community in Brooklyn is adored by all as the matriarch of East Flatbush; when she is found murdered in her home, NYPD uncover a Voodoo practice that leads them to a web of the unthinkable.
New York HomicideS1, EP5 "Broken Pride"When devoted girlfriends are murderously attacked in their Park Slope Brooklyn home, the NYPD doubts the surviving partner's story; these suspicions outrage members of the LGBTQ community who demand the real killer be found.
Killer Relationship With Faith JenkinsS2, EP1 "Dream Killer"The execution of successful businesswoman and mother Makeva Jenkins sparks an intense investigation, but unveiling the masked gunman requires unmasking a litany of suspects in hopes of exposing a killer relationship.
Killer Relationship With Faith JenkinsS2, EP2 "Forbidden Love"The shooting death of Brad McGarry, a gay coal miner in Bellaire, Ohio, has detectives suspecting a hate crime, but when a shocking secret comes to light, it reveals an unexpected motive for murder.
Killer Relationship With Faith JenkinsS2, EP3 "Sin City Killer"Married for 33 years, a respected high school math teacher and his wife head to Las Vegas to celebrate her 50th birthday; when Evie Watson disappears, however, police from two states join forces and play a game of cat and mouse to catch her killer.
SnappedS30, EP24 "Karen Coleman"After the burned body of a local man is found in rural Missouri, the homicide goes unsolved for nearly two decades until a twisted murder plot is brought to light.
SnappedS30, EP25 "Angela McGraw-Hester"Investigators in Gresham, Ore., are left with a gruesome crime scene, an assailant on the loose and a missing child after the victim of a stabbing is able to call 911 in a last attempt to save her own life.
SnappedS30, EP26 "Sheila Aidoo"When two Ghanian immigrants are discovered murdered in their upscale Maryland home, police are confronted with bizarre evidence that motivates them to take a closer look at the mystifying rituals of voodoo.
The Real Murders of AtlantaS1, EP4 "Final Judgment"When a prominent Atlanta judge is shot dead in her upscale home, detectives must figure out if the killing was payback from any criminals she had put behind bars, or if someone close had a personal score to settle.
The Real Murders of AtlantaS1, EP3 "A Deadly Union"The grisly double murder of two Lockheed employees stuns their families and leaves investigators baffled; as the case languishes for years, investigators are unable to make an arrest until the prime suspect kills again.
The Real Murders of AtlantaS1, EP2 "Blood Feud"Atlanta's thriving hip-hop scene is stunned when up-and-coming rapper Lil' Phat is executed in broad daylight; the case takes detectives into a world of mobsters and kingpins where the victim's lyrics may have foretold his demise.
The Real Murders of AtlantaS2, EP18 "Murderous Mask"When an Atlanta businessman is shot to death in front of his son's pre-school, detectives try to track down the disguised gunman.
The Real Murders of AtlantaS1, EP1 "Blunt Instrument"When a tech mogul is found bludgeoned to death in his lavish Roswell bedroom, detectives quickly compile a long list of potential suspects; police ultimately zero in on one scorned lover who wouldn't take no for an answer.
Cold JusticeS5, EP3 "Holding Onto Hope"Kelly and Johnny Bonds return to their home state of Texas to look into the disappearance of a young mother in 2000, whose family has never given up on her; while some suspect murder, others claim to have seen her on the run with a mystery man.
Cold JusticeS5, EP4 "Down by the Lake"Kelly and Johnny Bonds answer the call of a grieving mother, whose 19-year-old son drowned while camping with friends; despite the medical examiner ruling it an accident, some suspect foul play.
Sleeping With DeathS1, EP5 "Night Terrors"A third grader wakes up to a nightmare, finding his mother stabbed nearly 40 times in her bed; the police suspect those closest to her as their investigation uncovers the shocking evil that crept inside her house that night.
Sleeping With DeathS1, EP6 "The Key to Murder"A young teacher's assistant is raped and fatally shot in the middle of the night; her roommate, awakened by the noise, calls 911 and reports it as a suicide, beginning an intriguing mystery of motive, heartbreak and a tragic discovery.
Dateline NBC"The Black Candle Confession - Part 1"A woman confesses a childhood memory that leads to the reopening of an investigation into the unsolved murder of Iowa bartender Corey Wieneke.
Dateline NBC"The Black Candle Confession - Part 2"A woman confesses a childhood memory that leads to the reopening of an investigation into the unsolved murder of Iowa bartender Corey Wieneke.
DatelineS7, EP7 "Killer Role"After filming wraps on an indie horror movie, the cast members learn their lead actress is not who she says she is and has been charged with killing her uncle.
DatelineS3, EP1 "Devil's Bathtub"When a father goes missing and his body is found in a field several miles away, the investigation reveals multiple suspects -- including members of his own family.
DatelineS3, EP2 "Deadly Circumstances"A Tennessee resident is murdered in her bedroom; investigators have little evidence and struggle to find answers.
The Real Murders of AtlantaS2, EP12 "Deadly Protection"After a shootout in a quiet suburb leaves a strip club owner dead, police discover his murder may be part of an elaborate crime ring targeting Atlanta's high-end clubs; the truth behind who runs the syndicate shakes the city to its core.
The Real Murders of AtlantaS2, EP11 "Homicide Hotel"The execution-style murder of three prominent businessmen in a posh downtown Atlanta hotel terrifies the city's burgeoning tourism industry; with only a blurry image of their killer, detectives race to track him down before he strikes again.
The Real Murders of AtlantaS2, EP10 "Countryside Slaying"A wealthy couple is brutally attacked on their country estate just outside Atlanta; as detectives scour the property for leads, they discover a dark secret, unbeknownst to the community, that multiplies their suspect list tenfold.
The Real Murders of Orange CountyS3, EP4 "Lethal Lies"A young woman tells her mom she's going out for a night with friends and never returns home in a puzzling case that went cold for nine heartbreaking years until a shocking confession breaks the case wide open and exposes the brutal missing piece.
The Real Murders of Orange CountyS3, EP5 "Christmas Catastrophe"When a wealthy churchgoing woman is found murdered in her bedroom just a week before Christmas, investigators initially believe this is a robbery gone wrong; the painstaking investigation, however, uncovers a killer much closer to home.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS3, EP5 "The Secret"Was he missing or was he hiding; he had a wife, a good job, a daughter he loved; investigators were told he also had a secret and they went on an undercover mission to find the truth.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS2, EP7 "Smoke and Mirrors"When a Chicago woman from a big family goes missing, investigators begin to suspect a man in her life is full of secrets.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS2, EP8 "The Hometown Hero & the Homecoming Queen"After a woman reports a prowler, police find her Olympic bronze medalist husband dead in their backyard.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS3, EP11 "In the Dead of Night"It was Easter Sunday; the Stock family celebrated at home; hours later, gunshots turned their farmhouse into a house of horrors; there was an arrest but one tiny clue didn't fit; this case was far from being solved.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS2, EP9 "Consumed"When remains are found amid the rubble after a house fire, authorities soon discover the incident was no accident.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS2, EP10 "The Client"Before time runs out, detectives race to find a Little Rock, Ark., realtor who went missing after showing a house.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS2, EP12 "House of Secrets"A community is left in shock when a Cornell student and star athlete gets caught in the middle of a homicide investigation.
Dateline: Secrets UncoveredS3, EP9 "The Great Escape"Dr. Mark Weinberger, a successful surgeon, hides a secret from his medical staff and from his adoring wife; after a malpractice suit and a death, the doctor vanishes, sparking an international manhunt and a family's fight for justice.
The Real Murders of AtlantaS2, EP3 "West End Nightmare"With no evidence and no witnesses, detectives must find a murderer when a hero of Atlanta's West End is executed in front of his home, but the community is in disbelief when the killer is finally brought to justice and identified.
The Real Murders of AtlantaS2, EP4 "Crime of Fashion"When a rising star in Atlanta's fashion scene is murdered, detectives must determine if the shooting is related to a business deal gone bad or if it's a personal vendetta; the team cracks the case and is shocked when it discovers the mastermind.
DatelineS7, EP20 "The Devil Was Watching"When Tina Sandoval disappears, her parents and loved ones spend years searching for her; a secret she was keeping may lead to clues about what happened to her.
DatelineS7, EP21 "The Devil Was Watching"When Tina Sandoval disappears, her parents and loved ones spend years searching for her; a secret she was keeping may lead to clues about what happened to her.
DatelineS7, EP5 "Shattered Bonds"A car belonging to a missing man erupts in a blaze, leading to clues regarding his whereabouts.
Dateline: UnforgettableS2, EP33 "The Haunting"The children of an Oklahoma pastor survive the robbery that took their parents' lives; it's a story Keith Morrison still can't forget, and one where the very best and worst of humanity are both on full display.
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