Papa Don't Fiend Adventure
S2, EP22 "Papa Don't Fiend Adventure"
On Demand
The Tobins spend Father's Day weekend at an RV park and uncover the identity of the Fiend of Family Land; Moon meets a skunk; Judy thinks she's found a new love.
Original Air Date: May 22, 2022 • FOX • 28m
Slide & Wet-judice Adventure
S2, EP21 "Slide & Wet-judice Adventure"
On Demand
A new indoor water park is opening in Lone Moose, and all of the Tobins want to go, except for Wolf, who's convinced that he's cursed to always lose his swim trunks in front of the entire town.
Original Air Date: May 15, 2022 • FOX • 22m
Say It Again, Ham Adventure
S2, EP20 "Say It Again, Ham Adventure"
On Demand
With Crispin's help, Ham tries to re-create a more theatrical version of his coming out; hoping to record their first true crime podcast, Wolf and Honeybee investigate a local cold case and are shocked by what they uncover.
Original Air Date: May 08, 2022 • FOX • 22m
Poetry of the Penals Adventure
S2, EP19 "Poetry of the Penals Adventure"
On Demand
Wolf chaperones Ham and Judy on a school field trip to the abandoned Death Cliff Prison; Beef accidentally agrees to compose a poem.
Original Air Date: May 01, 2022 • FOX • 22m
Beef's in Toyland Adventure
S2, EP18 "Beef's in Toyland Adventure"
On Demand
Beef struggles when the boat needs repairs and he can't fish for a whole week; Wolf and Honeybee meet the best-looking man in Lone Moose.
Original Air Date: Apr 24, 2022 • FOX • 22m