Hell Hath No Fury
S4, EP7 "Hell Hath No Fury"
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A member (Carol Lynley) of a gang of highwaymen wants revenge on Heath for rejecting her.
Original Air Date: Nov 18, 1968 • STARZ • 52m
Presumed Dead
S4, EP3 "Presumed Dead"
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A cattle rustler rescues amnesiac Victoria after a stagecoach accident and tells her they are married.
Original Air Date: Oct 07, 1968 • STARZ • 52m
They Called Her Delilah
S4, EP2 "They Called Her Delilah"
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Jarrod defends an ex-Confederate spy (Julie London) arrested for murder soon after arriving in Stockton.
Original Air Date: Sep 30, 1968 • STARZ • 52m