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Black ScorpionAfter her father is shot by a crooked district attorney, Angel City police Detective Darcy Walker takes to the streets to dispense vigilante justice in the guise of the Black Scorpion.
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S1, EP22 "Zodiac Attack"Darcy realizes she can't fend off four supervillains and so calls in Dr. Phoenix, who resurrects the only person who can restore her confidence and help save the city.
S1, EP21 "Zodiac Attack"A washed-up psychic gathers Breathtaker, AfterShock, Inferno and Hurricane to destroy the City of Angels.
S1, EP20 "Face the Music"Vox Populi, vocalist for the world's worst rock band, sends subliminal messages in recordings that push her fans to be violent and buy more records.
S1, EP19 "Photo Finish"Flashpoint escapes jail and manages to capture an unmasked Black Scorpion on film, forcing Darcy to ask Dr. Phoenix for an extremely unorthodox favor.
S1, EP18 "Power Play"An accidental electrocution transforms the Deputy Mayor into Stunner, a villain capable of turning normal household appliances into deadly threats.
S1, EP17 "He Who Laughs Last"After escaping from jail, Gangster Prankster vows to exact his revenge on the citizens of Los Angeles with a lethal weapon that punishes anyone who dares to laugh.
S1, EP16 "Kiss of Death"A new detective metes out justice as the Angel of Death after she is fired from the force for excessive brutality.
S1, EP15 "Bad Sport"A paralyzed hockey star, injured in a fixed game, uses his new suit of armor to become the evil villain Slapshot.
S1, EP14 "Virtual Vice"When the mayor rejects a computer scientist's plan for helping the homeless, she creates an alter ego named Mindbender who traps people in a virtual reality world.
S1, EP13 "Fire and Brimstone"Inferno and Medusa combine their powers of fire and stone to create a volcano powerful enough to destroy the City of Angels.
S1, EP12 "Life's a Gas"An environmental scientist performs an experiment that transforms her into Pollutia, whose very breath changes others into superpollutants.
S1, EP11 "An Officer and a Prankster"Gangster Prankster (Stoney Jackson) reassembles his old gang and plots to destroy the city with laughing gas.
S1, EP10 "Roses are Red, You're Dead"Greenthumb, a florist with a mean streak, capitalizes on Valentine's Day by selling flowers that sap the strength of the city's citizens.
S1, EP9 "No Sweat"Aerobicide (Renee Allman), Bend and Stretch plan to control the city by emasculating the male population.
S1, EP8 "Crime Time"The evil Clockwise, faced with 25 years in jail, vows to take the same amount of years off the lives of those who sentenced him by using biological time bombs.
S1, EP7 "No Stone Unturned"When eligible bachelors, including Steve, begin to disappear throughout the city, Black Scorpion traces the abductions to Medusa, the owner of a high-class mineral spa.
S1, EP6 "Out of Thin Air"The insane, but benign Dr. Phoenix resuscitates Black Scorpion's archenemy, Breathtaker, who plans to release a dangerous nerve gas over Los Angeles.
S1, EP5 "Love Burns"Sparks fly when Darcy tries to squelch the powers of an insane former firefighter, Inferno, who can't wait to turn the City of Angels into a pile of ashes.
S1, EP4 "Home Sweet Homeless"AfterShock, an earthquake-creating villain beaten once by Black Scorpion, enlists the help of the homeless to overthrow the city's government.
S1, EP3 "Blinded by the Light"When trying to film Black Scorpion in hopes of learning her true identity, a photojournalist gets transformed into the evil supervillain Flashpoint.
S1, EP2 "Wave Goodbye"A marine biologist, transformed into the Hurricane when the mayor orders thugs to dump toxins in the bay, vows to flood the city by using her superpowers.
S1, EP1 "Armed and Dangerous"Darcy (Michelle Lintel) meets her new partner who is determined to catch Black Scorpion; Firearm declares war on City Hall.
After her father is shot by a crooked district attorney, Angel City police Detective Darcy Walker takes to the streets to dispense vigilante justice in the guise of the Black Scorpion.
Original Air Date: Jan 5, 2001
Genres: DramaTV Series
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (22 episodes)
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