Quiet! We're Thinking
S1, EP29 "Quiet! We're Thinking"
On Demand
Toody's nephew offers solutions for some unsolved robberies in the precinct.
Original Air Date: Apr 08, 1962 • Crackle • 26m
The Courtship of Sylvia Schnauser
S1, EP27 "The Courtship of Sylvia Schnauser"
On Demand
Sylvia Schnauser plans for the elaborate wedding that she feels she missed by eloping 15 years ago.
Original Air Date: Mar 25, 1962 • Crackle • 26m
No More Pickpockets
S1, EP25 "No More Pickpockets"
On Demand
A clever pickpocket who always wanted to be a cop arrests Toody and Muldoon.
Original Air Date: Mar 11, 1962 • Crackle • 26m
Boom, Boom, Boom
S1, EP17 "Boom, Boom, Boom"
On Demand
Their incessant practice for a barbershop quartet contest jeopardizes Toody and Muldoon's chances for winning.
Original Air Date: Jan 14, 1962 • Crackle • 26m
The Sacrifice
S1, EP16 "The Sacrifice"
On Demand
Toody believes that Muldoon has refused a promotion so they can remain a team.
Original Air Date: Jan 07, 1962 • Crackle • 26m
Christmas at the 53rd
S1, EP15 "Christmas at the 53rd"
On Demand
The precinct puts on a Christmas show.
Original Air Date: Dec 24, 1961 • Crackle • 26m
Get Well Officer Schnauser
S1, EP14 "Get Well Officer Schnauser"
On Demand
Muldoon is mistaken for a bank robber when he tries to make a withdrawal.
Original Air Date: Dec 17, 1961 • Crackle • 26m
Put It in the Bank
S1, EP13 "Put It in the Bank"
On Demand
Toody's efforts to make investments for the Precinct Brotherhood Club backfire.
Original Air Date: Dec 10, 1961 • Crackle • 26m
The Taming of Lucille
S1, EP12 "The Taming of Lucille"
On Demand
Gunther is annoyed when his efforts to tame Lucille work too well.
Original Air Date: Dec 03, 1961 • Crackle • 26m
Love Finds Muldoon
S1, EP8 "Love Finds Muldoon"
On Demand
Lucille plays matchmaker for an old school chum and Muldoon. Guest star: Alice Ghostley.
Original Air Date: Nov 05, 1961 • Crackle • 25m
Change Your Partners
S1, EP4 "Change Your Partners"
On Demand
Toody and Muldoon begin to annoy each other just when they're going to be photographed as a good example of police cooperation.
Original Air Date: Oct 08, 1961 • Crackle • 26m
Something Nice for Sol
S1, EP2 "Something Nice for Sol"
On Demand
Toody, Muldoon and their co-workers try to get a plaster cast of Sgt. Abrams' feet without him knowing it.
Original Air Date: Sep 24, 1961 • Crackle • 26m
Who's for Swordfish
S1, EP1 "Who's for Swordfish"
On Demand
Toody and Muldoon try to avoid giving out tickets so they won't have to appear in court on their day off.
Original Air Date: Sep 17, 1961 • Crackle • 26m