Survival of the Fittest

S3, EP10 "Survival of the Fittest"

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Kidnapped by a group of rogue police, four Black activists are forced into a hunt in which they are the prey; the only way that they can survive is for the prey to become the hunters.

Original Air Date: Sep 27, 2022 • BET • 42m
Jesus Walks

S3, EP9 "Jesus Walks"

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Jewel leads a double life of Church choir angel by day, aspiring pop star by night; as her worlds in the church and the street head towards their inevitable collision, her belief in herself, her choices in life and her faith face a test.

Original Air Date: Sep 20, 2022 • BET • 43m
Murder She Wrote

S3, EP8 "Murder She Wrote"

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Hardened by prison and tutored by a master criminal, Zena returns home for payback against those who murdered her fiancee and threw her in prison; using her beauty as a weapon, she maneuvers her enemies into a showdown.

Original Air Date: Sep 20, 2022 • BET • 43m
Ms. Jackson

S3, EP7 "Ms. Jackson"

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Cheryl Jackson has decided her daughter, Tina's, inheritance money should be hers, and she is going to get her hands on it by any means necessary.

Original Air Date: Sep 13, 2022 • BET • 43m
Put It On Me

S3, EP6 "Put It On Me"

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An undercover cop is torn between his oath to the law and his promise to the woman he loves.

Original Air Date: Sep 13, 2022 • BET • 43m

S3, EP5 "C.R.E.A.M."

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Reformed criminal Wise Evans has less than 24-hours to get the money for his daughter's life-saving operation; Drawn back into the life of crime by a seemingly chance encounter, all he has to do is pull one last impossible cap.

Original Air Date: Sep 06, 2022 • BET • 43m
Hot in Here

S3, EP4 "Hot in Here"

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Aaliyah Martin is a stuffy college professor desperate to lose her virginity by her 30th birthday; back in the saddle one last time, Aaliyah realizes losing her virginity was never the real objective.

Original Air Date: Aug 30, 2022 • BET • 43m
Act Up

S3, EP3 "Act Up"

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A story of four women's revenge against the men who sold them into slavery; Lola, Camille, Sasha and Julia use every weapon at their disposal to regain the lives stolen from them.

Original Air Date: Aug 23, 2022 • BET • 43m

S3, EP2 "Renee"

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Lamar and Renee are star-crossed lovers whose relationship has deadly consequences when she defies the neighborhood thugs.

Original Air Date: Aug 16, 2022 • BET • 43m
Fight the Power

S3, EP1 "Fight the Power"

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Prosecutor Stokely Overton finds himself against two police who have killed an innocent youth; as he pursues the case, Stokely's father's life as a political prisoner blurs the lines between past and present.

Original Air Date: Aug 09, 2022 • BET • 43m