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The Life and Legend of Wyatt EarpIn one of television's first adult Westerns, the famous marshal puts his life on the line to maintain order, first in Dodge City, Kan., then in Tombstone, Ariz.
"The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp"In one of television's first adult Westerns, the famous marshal puts his life on the line to maintain order, first in Dodge City, Kan., then in Tombstone, Ariz.
S5, EP28 "The Buntline Special"Wyatt tries to steer a youth from a life of crime.
S2, EP39 "The Time for All Good Men"Doc, Bat and several reformed outlaws team up to rescue Earp when the men of the Big T trap him in an abandoned cabin, leading to a desperate and deadly confrontation.
S2, EP38 "They Think They're Immortal"Earp reluctantly agrees to hire his younger brother Morgan as a deputy when Morgan stops a robbery; Morgan assists Deputy Hal when Curly Bill Brocius holds up a stagecoach.
S2, EP37 "The Wicked Widow"After a rancher receives threats to stop courting widow Myra Malone, Earp pays a visit to Myra, who refuses to trust the law after northern troops killed her husband, and finds her sheltering a wanted woman connected to a gang.
S2, EP36 "The Gold Brick"When Doc purchases a gold brick from a wanted thief and then sells it to prove a point, Earp follows the brick's trail as it passes through the hands of various Dodge City residents.
S2, EP35 "Dull Knife Strikes for Freedom"Earp must negotiate with Chief Dull Knife when a Cheyenne tribe launches an attack to retake their ancestral lands, hoping to avoid a confrontation with Maj. Benteen's soldiers.
S2, EP34 "Beautiful Friendship"Earp tries to resist pressure to throw Doc out of Dodge City, but when the dentist commits murder in the street, Earp throws him in jail and faces the ire of Doc's wife, Kate; Doc comes to Earp's rescue when a gang captures the marshal.
S2, EP33 "Wyatt Meets Doc Holliday"Doc Holliday, the gunslinging dentist, teams up with Earp to stop a gang of train robbers; Doc's wife, Kate, insists upon taking him to a hospital to receive treatment for consumption, but Earp can't take the gang alone.
S2, EP32 "The Equalizer"Earp tries to help gun repairman Guns McCallum deal with his temper by summoning his wife to Dodge City; when Guns admits he can't repair a gunslinger's favorite sidearm, he finds himself in a deadly showdown.
S2, EP31 "Old Jake"When buffalo hunter Jake Caster arrives in Dodge City and an Army sergeant dies from an apparent Indian attack soon after, Earp investigates the tragedy that claimed the life of Jake's wife and child.
S2, EP30 "The Nice Ones Always Die First"Earp takes Bat's brother Ed under his wing as a new deputy, but while Ed believes outlaws can be reasoned with, Bat knows better; two businessmen plan to kill Ed and frame Bat for the crime to secure ownership of a saloon.
S2, EP29 "Young Guns"A headstrong teenager named Jimmy Craig arrives in Dodge City and wants to become one of Earp's deputies, demonstrating his impeccable skill with a gun, but his dream contrasts sharply with his irrational obsession to duel Ed Beatty.
S2, EP28 "The Vultures"Bounty hunters stir up trouble in Dodge City by trying to collect rewards on reformed outlaws until Earp devises a plan to turn the bounty hunters against each other.
S2, EP27 "Hang 'Em High"Earp has 24 hours to find a killer after a judge sentences an innocent man to hang, but the man refuses to speak in his own defense, leaving Earp with few clues to follow.
S2, EP26 "Bat Masterson for Sheriff"Earp and Bat work together to help Bat win an election for county sheriff to defeat Jerry Lanphere, a crook also running for the position; Sen. Drew tells Bat he must end his friendship with Earp to gain the people's favor.
S2, EP25 "They Hired Some Guns"Earp and Bat find their careers in jeopardy when they arrest the owners of two competing stagecoach companies whose hired armies threaten to start a war in the streets.
S2, EP24 "Command Performance"While Earp and Buffalo Bill stage a fake robbery to entertain a visiting German prince, real bandits kidnap the prince and hold him for ransom.
S2, EP23 "Vengeance Trail"Fred Colby, a man wrongly sent to prison, finishes his sentence and heads for Dodge City looking for the man who killed his brother.
S2, EP22 "Siege at Little Alamo"Wells Fargo hires Earp to protect a gold shipment arriving by stage at Little Alamo and the marshal must work with the stagecoach passengers to hold out against the Curly Bill Brocius gang until a posse can arrive to save them.
S2, EP21 "The Sharpshooter"A crippled man with a grudge against Earp hires sharpshooter Rule Hawes to kill him; Bat and the other deputies search for the assassin while Annie May tries to give Bat a clue.
S2, EP20 "Witness for the Defense"Men from the Circle Bar ranch kidnap Ben Thompson, a dealer who cheated them at cards, and Earp poses as a doctor to gain access to the ranch and free Ben.
S2, EP19 "Wyatt and the Captain"After an altercation between a drunk soldier and a Cherokee civilian results in death, Earp takes the soldier into custody and fights off his captain's attempts to free him.
S2, EP18 "The Man Who Rode With Custer"Earp must convince a disgraced Army captain that he holds no responsibility for Gen. Custer's devastating loss at Little Big Horn, but angry newcomers with a group of captive Indians seek to take revenge on the captain for the defeat.
S2, EP17 "Shootin' Woman"A poor rancher woman struggling to marry off her daughter deals with trespassers trying to steal her land's resources and rumors that she has gold on her property.
S2, EP16 "Justice"Two men wanted by a Cheyenne tribe for murder seek refuge in Dodge City, and although Earp arrests the pair, the city refuses to press charges because the victims were Indians.
S2, EP15 "The Hanging Judge"Earp must get Judge Tobin to see the error of his ways when the judge sentences an innocent man to death by hanging, going to extreme lengths to turn the tables by framing the judge for a crime.
S2, EP14 "Nineteen Notches on His Gun"Earp and Bat pose as outlaws to infiltrate a gang involved in a rash of murders and cattle thefts, staging a power struggle within the gang and setting up an ambush in Dodge City to take down the entire group.
S2, EP13 "Take Back Your Town"With Earp and Bassett out of town, George Morris' gang sacks Dodge City and rounds up all of the remaining deputies except for Bat, who finds Earp and sneaks back into town to fight the gang with the help of local residents.
S2, EP12 "The Lonesomest Man in the World"A newly deputized Bat complicates an arrest by shooting perpetrator Billy Jordan after Billy ran out of bullets; while Earp and the deputies race to find a surgeon, Billy's family holds Bat hostage and threatens to take revenge if Billy dies.
S2, EP11 "Bat Masterson Wins His Star"Bat Masterson travels to Dodge City and gets involved in a gunfight that causes him to lose Earp's approval; after befriending gang member Nellie Wright, Bat tries to get word to Earp about an upcoming robbery but ends up at the gang's mercy.
S2, EP10 "So Long, Dora, So Long"Aggressive suitor Bob Rellance pesters Dora on the day before her marriage to Kelley, asking her to call off the wedding in favor of himself, but when tensions escalate into violence, Earp steps in to force Rellance out of town.
S2, EP9 "The Reformation of Jim Kelley"When Dora Hand convinces Jim Kelley to sell his saloon in advance of their marriage, McGuire and Albright wrangle a deal to make Earp part-owner of the saloon without his knowledge and frame him for illegal business practices.
S2, EP8 "The Almost Dead Cowhand"When a disgruntled cowhand holes up in a warehouse, Earp investigates the man's experiences in Dodge City to understand what drove him to violence and uncovers a chain of abuse perpetrated by underhanded citizens.
S2, EP7 "A Quiet Day in Dodge City"Earp must keep a tight lid on problems in Dodge City while a journalist from New York pays a visit, but the job proves especially difficult on a chaotic day filled with dog fights, gunfire and rowdy cowboys.
S2, EP6 "Wyatt's Love Affair"A judge's daughter pines for Earp, who shares her feelings but doubts a relationship can endure his life as a lawman; two local outfits cause trouble for Earp after he arrests their leaders, culminating in a fight between Earp and their foreman.
S2, EP5 "Clay Allison"A businessman eager to end Earp's war on crime asks notorious gunman Clay Allison to kill him; after Kelley warns Earp about the gunman's skill, Earp uses psychological tactics to gain the upper hand.
S2, EP4 "The Double Life of Dora Hand"Constant brawling between railroad workers and buffalo hunters threatens to close Dora Hand's dance hall for good; when the conflict intensifies into a full-scale assault on the railroad, Earp and Dora race to intervene.
S2, EP3 "Fight or Run"Uneasy city council member Jim Kelley must choose a side to support when the council becomes deadlocked on the passage of new laws to give Earp more power, and members of the Big T gear up to attack Dodge City.
S2, EP2 "Dodge City Gets a New Marshall"Earp becomes the new marshal of Dodge City and immediately finds himself fighting off gunmen working for the Big T gang; determined to bring order to the city, Earp gathers local support as the gang holds the sheriff of Ford County under siege.
S2, EP1 "Wichita Is Civilized"Earp must defuse a conflict between warring families after Ollie and Mildred Taylor set up shop in Wichita and become targets of a man angry at Ollie's cousin for killing his brother; tensions escalate into a deadly struggle, then a lynch mob.
S1, EP33 "Bat Masterson Again"Earp tries to help an old friend, Bat Masterson, who is working as an Army scout and being threatened by a killer.
S1, EP32 "The War of the Colonels"A range war begun by two ranchers begins to spill over into Wichita, leading to the deaths of innocent people, and Earp is determined to end it.
S1, EP31 "Hunt the Man Down"Earp must enter the rough Bushwacker region to find a man suspected of murder, but his behavior once found leads Earp to believe the man is not guilty of the crime.
S1, EP30 "The Suffragette"Battle lines are drawn and everyone comes out swinging when a women's suffrage movement hits town.
S1, EP29 "The Pinkertons"Allen Pinkerton, hoping to recover stolen money, interferes in Earp's investigation of a murder in Wichita and gets the judge to pull Earp's badge.
S1, EP28 "One of Jesse's Gang"A pillar of the community is hailed as a hero when he shoots a thief, until people learn that the man is wanted for being a member of the James gang.
S1, EP27 "The Necktie Party"Ranchers are frustrated by the number of horse thefts near Wichita and want to blame a band of gypsies camped on Gus Cassen's property.
S1, EP26 "The Desperate Half-Hour"Earp arrests the Kansas Kid, accused of robbery, murder, and wounding a deputy, but Earp is not convinced of the man's guilt or the sheriff's intentions.
S1, EP25 "The Englishman"An angry ex-gang member who hates Earp tries to take advantage of a visiting Englishman, but finds himself facing off against both men.
S1, EP24 "Killing at Cowskin Creek"Someone is targeting big winners from the Keno House as they leave town, and Earp is determined to put a stop to it.
S1, EP23 "The Frontier Theatre"Earp closes down an all-girl show when the underpaid women begin stealing from the audience, earning Earp the ire of the show's owner, who plots revenge.
S1, EP22 "The Bribe"Murdock to call for Earp's badge when it appears that a crooked gambler got a saloon license by bribing the marshal.
S1, EP21 "Mr. Cousin and Mr. Brother"Earp is called in to rescue a pair of Indians being held hostage by a renegade who's been selling guns to members of various tribes.
S1, EP20 "It's a Wise Calf"Earp stops a lynching and forces a trial instead, which leads to a surprise for the jury.
S1, EP19 "The Assassins"When Earp sends a crooked gambler packing, three saloon owners decide they've had enough and hire gunmen to take Earp out.
S1, EP18 "Marshal Earp Plays Cupid"The woman who catches Earp's eye is in love with a man who needs Earp's protection from a gang of cattle thieves.
S1, EP17 "Ben Thompson Returns"Earp's habit of using sanitation laws to shut down saloons where crooked games are played begins to anger the saloon owners, who send men after the marshal.
S1, EP15 "Rich Man's Son"The young son of a railway executive runs away, hoping to become a ranch hand and carry a gun.
S1, EP14 "Trail's End for a Cowboy"The childish son of a rancher, forced to sell a herd for less than he'd planned, tries to make up his losses in a poker game.
S1, EP13 "Frontier Journalism Was Fearless"A courageous newspaperman makes a stand when gamblers attempt to force the mayor to get rid of Marshal Earp.
S1, EP12 "The Big Baby Contest"Smart gamblers and dubious rules hamper Wyatt's efforts to run a contest.
S1, EP11 "King of the Cattle Trails"A gambler uses a beautiful woman to attempt to lure Wyatt into his employ.
S1, EP10 "The Bank Robbers"A double cross and an outlaw's wife lead Wyatt to a gang of bandits.
S1, EP9 "John Wesley Hardin"Hardin comes to Wichita seeking revenge against Earp for throwing Dave Bennett out of town.
S1, EP8 "The Killer"Dave Bennett, angry when Earp kicks him out of Wichita after a crooked card game, hires a killer to take out the marshal and make the town suffer.
S1, EP7 "The Gambler"Earp is blamed when the saloon owner 's crooked games are exposed and the man is shot in the back.
S1, EP6 "The Man Who Lied"A man bent on revenge pays a gunman $1,000 to kill Wyatt Earp -- a gunman who claims to have faced Earp before.
S1, EP5 "Wyatt Earp Comes to Wichita"When Earp takes over as marshal of Wichita, his first challenge is a local group of vigilantes focused on lynching a local card dealer, despite evidence that the man acted in self-defense.
S1, EP4 "Marshal Earp Meets General Lee"Cowboys believe that the townspeople of Ellsworth insulted Confederate Army Gen. Robert E. Lee.
S1, EP3 "Bill Thompson Gives In"Earp resists forming a posse and instead uses American Indian scouts in his efforts to locate a killer.
S1, EP2 "Mr. Earp Meets a Lady"Earp tries to reduce the possibility of violence when fellow marshal Bat Masterson romances a woman whose boyfriend is an outlaw.
S1, EP1 "Wyatt Earp Becomes a Marshal"The career of the famous Western lawman begins after he takes over for the murdered sheriff of Ellsworth, Kan.
In one of television's first adult Westerns, the famous marshal puts his life on the line to maintain order, first in Dodge City, Kan., then in Tombstone, Ariz.
Original Air Date: Sep 6, 1955
Genres: ActionTV Series
Rating: TVG
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