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Atlantis HighA 16-year-old nerd begins his school career at Atlantis High, which is said to have been built on the lost city of Atlantis.
S1, EP3After a failed attempt at heroism, Giles continues to probe the anomalies of Sunset Cove; Lew Siffer concludes negotiations with Violet Profusion on a new initiative: the art of youthful rebellion.
S1, EP4After discovering Octavia's bizarre plans with the sinister 'Q', the school guidance counselor, Giles attempts to confide in conspiracy theorist Jet.
S1, EP5Giles is thrilled to have made some friends at Atlantis High, regardless of their quirks, and turns his focuses to the school play.
S1, EP6Despite his success in the school play, Giles seems to have returned to square one; Dorothy encounters ninja warriors as she investigates the mysteries of the Vermont family home.
S1, EP7 "Atlantis High"Giles is arrested by local police; the local crime fighting hero, Silver Lining, is disappointed that he didn't solve the crime.
S1, EP8 "Atlantis High"After the mysterious abduction of the school website editor, an election is held for the replacement, and the reluctant Giles is nominated; Josh is threatened because Octavia is showing signs of becoming impressed by Giles's campaign.
S1, EP13 "Atlantis High"Giles tries to avoid Sophie's pursuit and joins forces with Sabrina; Commander Vermont attempts to put strategies in place; Mr. Dorsey pleads with the alien generals for another chance to find the lost city of Atlantis.
S1, EP14 "Atlantis High"Giles tells Sophie that he's not interested; Commander Vermont and his wife make wedding preparations; Octavia ponders her future; Beanie proposes to Jet; Coach Shane considers marrying himself.
S1, EP15 "Atlantis High"Jet and Beanie seem to be the only two excited about the wedding; Giles dreads the thought of his soulmate marrying his rival; Mr. Dorsey finds something in the wedding cake; an unexpected poltergeist.
S1, EP16 "Atlantis High"Giles is relieved that he has escaped Sophie's attention; Octavia is happy to have left Josh at the alter; Josh is brokenhearted; Beanie wanders alone; Mr. Dorsey tries to convince the aliens to invade Earth.
S1, EP2As Giles seeks the attention of Octavia Vermont, he upsets the school jock, who idolizes Coach Shane; Giles feels he's being watched.
S1, EP1When his family moves to Sunset Cove, Giles struggles to settle in to a new routine and school life at Atlantis High, but he soon learns that Sunset Cove isn't quite the paradise he expected.
A 16-year-old nerd begins his school career at Atlantis High, which is said to have been built on the lost city of Atlantis.
Original Air Date: Sep 8, 2001
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (2 episodes)
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