S1, EP6

On Demand

Tom Murnane's killer is finally exposed.

Original Air Date: Apr 07, 2014 • Crackle • 46m

S1, EP5

On Demand

Ben discovers a vital piece of evidence that could clear his name; Christy has doubts about Ben's innocence and threatens to leave him.

Original Air Date: Mar 31, 2014 • Crackle • 45m

S1, EP4

On Demand

Ben is desperate to clear his name when the murder weapon is made public; Jess goes to Ben for support; a neighbour's dark secret could turn the case on its head.

Original Air Date: Mar 24, 2014 • Crackle • 45m

S1, EP3

On Demand

Working together, Jess and Ben soon uncover a secret that shocks Jess to her core.

Original Air Date: Mar 17, 2014 • Crackle • 46m

S1, EP2

On Demand

Jess gives Ben some new and compelling evidence.

Original Air Date: Mar 10, 2014 • Crackle • 47m

S1, EP1

On Demand

Family man Ben Gundelach discovers the body of a murdered 4-year-old boy, then is shocked to find that he is the prime suspect.

Original Air Date: Mar 03, 2014 • Crackle • 45m