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Sea PatrolThe adventures of a Royal Australian Navy patrol boat and its crew.
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S3, EP13 "Red Reef"The crew spies on the oil smugglers in a bid to dismantle their operation.
S3, EP12 "Black Gold"A sea rescue casts doubt on the circumstances of ET's death; Buffer uncovers an illegal oil smuggling operation; Charge's weight threatens his navy career.
S3, EP11 "Secret Cargo"Bomber performs a daring rescue to save two tourists but tragedy strikes when one of the pair dies mysteriously.
S3, EP10 "Safeguard"A group of heavily-armed smugglers take advantage when the crew of the Hammersley perform a training exercise.
S3, EP9 "Pearls Before Swine"The inflatable runs out of fuel while pursuing criminals.
S3, EP8 "Red Sky Morning"Four of the crewmembers have to fight for their lives when they are left on board a seemingly abandoned cargo ship.
S3, EP7 "Half Life"The crew searches for survivors of a helicopter crash and find themselves on an island with a high level of radiation after it was used for nuclear tests.
S3, EP6 "Oh Danny Boy"Spider discovers a bomb in the laundry room, and faces a race against time to save the crew and the Hammersley from destruction.
S3, EP5 "Ghost Net"The Hammersley approaches a fishing boat that retreats quickly but leaves behind a diver, while Nikki receives information that makes her doubt ET.
S3, EP4 "Guns"The Hammersley answers a mayday call, but upon arrival, the crew finds a deserted vessel filled with weapons.
S3, EP3 "China Dolls"Spider goes under cover to infiltrate a sex-slave racket operating off the Australian coast; Swain helps deliver a baby.
S3, EP2 "Monkey Business"A young woman is discovered lying paralyzed on the beach.
S3, EP1 "Catch and Release"After answering a distress call, Capt. Mike Flynn and the crew find a young woman paralyzed.
S2, EP13 "Soldiers of Fortune"Ray Walsman is arrested and handed over to the Samaru police, but he escapes, as Mike Flynn sets a trap for him.
S2, EP12 "Friends, Close, Enemies Closer"Buffer faces a difficult time when he is kidnapped and later betrayed, while Mike Flynn is back at the helm.
S2, EP11 "A Brilliant Career"The crew follow a fishing boat after finding a body in the water.
S2, EP10 "Rules of Engagement"Mike and Jim are both critically injured during a bold rescue mission on Samaru. Meanwhile, Kate is made acting CO of the Hammersley.
S2, EP9 "Shadow Line"The Hammersley is once again in hot pursuit of the cabin cruiser responsible for trafficking weapons and ammunition to the Samaru Islands. Meanwhile, Mike Flynn receives a tempting offer from Ray Walsman.
S2, EP8 "Heart of Glass"Bomber Brown and Spider Webb fall overboard and as the man of the watch, Buffer takes it hard that the two missing officers might drown; Buffer also deals with a personal tragedy.
S2, EP7 "Hidden Agendas"The crew find a boy who has found a cache of guns.
S2, EP6 "Birds"The crew of the Hammersley is joined by a federal agent and goes in search of an illegal fishing boat; while on board they find the fishing boat crew is starting to exhibit symptoms of bird flu.
S2, EP5 "Giving Up the Dead"Robert fails a drug test; a smuggling operation run by Samaruian rebels; a seriously injured sailor is rescued from a Chinese container ship.
S2, EP4 "Heaven Born Captains"Kate feels her love life is improving after a blind date with an SAS commander; a French naval captain flirts with Mike, testing the commanding officer's diplomacy skills.
S2, EP3 "Takedown"The Hammersleys is hijacked by a mysterious gang of illegal immigrants determined to flee Australian waters; Nikki and Kate's lives are at stake when they are taken hostage.
S2, EP2 "Fortune Favours"Hammersley's new chef lands herself in trouble when she loses her temper with a crew member, while the team discovers a dead pirate and dangerous cargo on board a stolen boat.
S2, EP1 "The Dogs of War"The bomb disposal squad tackles an unexploded mine in Portland harbour; a grim recovery mission; Hammersley is sent to rescue aid workers.
S1, EP13 "Cometh the Hour"Mike is forced to make the most difficult decision of his life.
S1, EP12 "Deep Water"The Hammersley races to save a boatload of victims from Rick Gallagher's deadly toxin.
S1, EP11 "Chinese Whispers"Swain is held hostage by an international terror group.
S1, EP10 "Damage Control"Mike pursues a kidnapper into a mangrove swamp.
S1, EP9 "Under the Hammer"The Hammersley loses its mascot.
S1, EP8 "Through the Storm"The crew races to rescue children missing in a cyclone.
S1, EP7 "Rescue Me"The Hammersley confronts a series of new menaces in the northern waters.
S1, EP6 "Precious Cargo"A shipping container is found to contain refugees.
S1, EP5 "Under the Radar"The crew goes after an illegal shark fin fishing boat.
S1, EP4 "Irukandji"The Hammersley rescues a family in distress; Buffer is torn between duty and his sense of justice.
S1, EP3 "Ghost of Things Past"The Hammersley nearly collides with a deserted yacht.
S1, EP2 "What Lies Beneath"The ships gets involved in a hunt for a murderous gang of drug smugglers.
S1, EP1 "Welcome Aboard"Executive Officer Lieutenant Kate McGregor and Bosun's Mate Spider Webb go on their first patrol.
The adventures of a Royal Australian Navy patrol boat and its crew.
Original Air Date: Jul 5, 2007
Genres: DramaTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
3 seasons available on demand (39 episodes)
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