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Ghost HuntersInvestigations into paranormal events that have yet to be explained.
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S2, EP13 "The Case of the Gorton Poltergeist"A young family living in a modern house in the North of England have their lives disrupted by a frightening paranormal visitor; attempts were made by more than one exorcist to cast out the evil spirit.
S2, EP12 "Across the Great Divide"Eddie Burk travels to a remote village in East Anglia where the local baker has reported some bizarre happenings in the 16th century bakery.
S2, EP11 "Ghost Hunters at Work"The Bell is an ancient coaching Inn at a picturesque village in Eastern England; a couple that stayed at the Inn on their honeymoon found, to their dismay, that they were not alone in the bridal suite.
S2, EP10 "Priest and the Professor"A psychology professor and a cleric perform exorcisms in Belgium.
S2, EP9 "The Possession"A man and his wife living in a peaceful suburb of London could be connected to strange rituals that took place when he visited his hometown in Mississippi; a psychic investigator unravels the mystery of the wife's possession by an alien spirit.
S2, EP8 "Tales From Dartmoor"An investigation into why Dartmoor, an untamed moorland area in the far west of England where there are few roads and fewer villages, is also the resting place for a host of mysterious stories and unexplained events.
S2, EP7 "The Haunted Bypass"Reports tell of shadowy figures along a new road in Yorkshire.
S2, EP6 "The Haunted Ballroom"Favorite places and activities seem to have a hold on spirits.
S2, EP5 "Ripples in Time"Parapsychologist explore the possibility of a parallel universe.
S2, EP4 "The Holy Ghost Busters"The church deals with hauntings and the lengths they will go to exorcise unwanted spirits.
S2, EP3 "Spectres of the Severn"An investigation considers fault lines and paranormal activity.
S2, EP2 "The Invisible Intelligence"One of the most remarkable and famous incidents of poltergeist activity in the UK is investigated.
S2, EP1 "The Men Who Talk to Ghosts"People claim to communicate with the spirit world.
S1, EP13 "Phantoms of Chingle Hall"People who believe that the monks of the monastery that is now Chingle Hall still haunt the old site.
S1, EP12 "The Phantom Schoolteacher"Sightings and other mysterious happenings at a burned-down schoolhouse outside London.
S1, EP11 "The Haunting of County Wicklow"Paranormal activity at a small farmhouse tucked between the Wicklow Mountains and the Irish sea.
S1, EP10 "Battlefield of the Somme"A psychic visits the World War I battlefield at the Somme in northern France.
S1, EP9 "Echoes From Beyond the Grave"A psychic claims to feel the presence of a dead motorcyclist in western England.
S1, EP8 "The Haunting of Castle Leslie"Paranormal activity at Castle Leslie in southern Ireland, home to the Leslie family for several generations.
S1, EP7 "The Phantom Pilot"Apparitions that appear in times of crisis.
S1, EP6 "The Mysteries of the George Inn"An investigation into demonic activities at the George Inn, an 18th-century pub situated in northern England.
S1, EP5 "The Roman Legionnaires"Reported hauntings by Roman legionnaires at the empire's former campgrounds at York and Colchester, England.
S1, EP4 "The Spirit of Marston Moor"The spirits of those who died in the Battle of Marston rise to walk the moor and sometimes encounter the living.
S1, EP3 "The Phantom Fisherman"A family from western England that claims to be haunted by the spirit of an 18th-century fisherman.
S1, EP2 "In the Shadows of Snowdonia"Three paranormal investigators check out unusual occurrences on Snowdonia, the highest mountain in Wales.
S1, EP1 "The Ghosts of Bodmin Moor"Some say King Arthur's ghost appears at Bodmin Moor in England.
Investigations into paranormal events that have yet to be explained.
Original Air Date: Oct 15, 1999
Genres: RealityDocuseriesTV Series
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (26 episodes)
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