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The Pink Panther ShowThe animated adventures of the Pink Panther and The Inspector.
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EP18 "Psychadelic Pink; Le Escape Goats; Pink Posies"Pink visits a psychedelic book store; the Inspector gets fired for letting Louie le Finke escape; Pink replaces yellow posies in a garden with pink ones.
EP12 "Doctor Pink; Bug Off; Pink Pictures"The Panther takes a job as a janitor in a hospital and ends up helping patients; the Crane and the dragon-fly are flying near each other and the dragon-fly convinces the Crane he can't fly; the Panther is on a nature hike to photograph some wildlife.
EP21 "Pink Campaign; Technology Phooey; Smile Pretty Say Pink"Seeking revenge for destroying a home; Aardvark gets a computer; a photographer who refuses to pay.
EP3 "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Pink; Isle Of Caprice; Pink Punch"The Pink Panther annoys an astronomer by building a house between the moon and an observatory; the Aardvark is marooned on a deserted island; the Pink Panther introduces his own beverage line, "Pink Punch."
EP2 "Think Before You Pink; Ants in the Pantry; Pink-A-Rella"The Pink Panther has trouble crossing a busy intersection and gets some help; the Aardvark takes over an exterminator's job in an effort to catch Ant; the Pink Panther finds a magic wand and decides to beautify the neighborhood.
EP2 "The Pink Pill; Plastered in Paris; Pink Pistons"Tripping on a banana peel; thwarting the villainous Monsieur X; a speedy sports car that has a mind of its own.
"Super Pink; Le Cop on the Rocks; Twinkle, Twinkle Little Pink"The Pink Panther becomes a superhero; the Inspector is sent to prison, having been mistaken for a bank robber who looks exactly like him; the Pink Panther annoys an astronomer by building a house between the moon and an observatory.
EP6 "Prefabricated Pink; Le Bowser Beggar; Sky Blue Pink"Chaos on a building site; working with a sniffer dog to search for a thief; trouble while flying a kite.
EP17 "Pink Outs; Scratch Tiger; Pink Plunk Plink"Pink becomes involved in a series of unrelated sight gags, each ending when the screen "Pinks Out"; a tiger protects the ant from a very hungry aardvark; Pink learns to play his theme song on the violin.
EP2 "Pink Aye; Ants In The Pantry; Genie With The Light Pink Fur"The Pink Panther stows away aboard an ocean liner where he continually sneaks food; the Aardvark takes over an exterminator's job to get the Ant; the Pink Panther finds a magic lamp and lets himself be convinced to become the genie and help people.
EP21 "Little Beaux Pink; Bear De Guerre; The Pink Package Plot"Pink brings a sheep to Cattle County; the Inspector goes quail hunting but runs into a brown bear; Pink has trouble delivering a package to a house.
"In the Pink of the Night; London Derriere; Think Before You Pink"The Pink Panther comes to regret buying a cuckoo clock; an inspector must capture a jewel thief in London without firing his gun; the Pink Panther looks for a fast way to cross a busy street.
"Pink Plunk Pink; That's No Lady, That's Notre Dame; Pink Outs"Pink Panther learns to play the violin; the Inspector tries to catch a purse snatcher; a series of quick, unrelated gags.
EP2 "Supermarket Pink; Animal Crack-Ups; String Along In Pink"A hungry Pink Panther makes his way to the grocery store to stock up on some provisions; the Crane sets out to capture the fire-breathing dragon-fly from a local circus; the Pink Panther trips on a string, becomes curious and decides to follow it.
EP11 "Reel Pink; Le Miserobots; Smile Pretty Say Pink"The Pink Panther goes fishing; the Inspector is fired after being replaced by an efficient police robot; Pink battles with a photographer in Pinkstone National Park.
"Pink Paradise; Sacre Bleu Cross; Congratulations It's Pink"Pink arrives on a desert island; Deux Deux gives the Inspector an unlucky rabbit's foot; Pink steals a baby basket.
EP20 "Pink Quackers; Jet Feathers; Pink and Shovel"A toy duck follows Pink home; Crazylegs Crane tries to catch a dragonfly; Pink finds $5 and buries it to keep it safe.
EP1 "Pinto Pink; Le Pig-al Patrol; In the Pink"Pink tries to outwit a horse into giving him a free ride; the Inspector tries to arrest a lawless motorcycle gang led by Pig-Al; Pink causes trouble for his neighbor at the local gym.
EP1 "The Pink Blueprint; Bomb Voyage; The Pink Tail-Fly"Competing with a carpenter to build a house; rescuing the Commissioner from his alien kidnappers; annoying insect.
EP9 "Dietetic Pink; Sneaker Snack; Sprinkle Me Pink"Pink Panther goes on a diet; a raincloud follows the Pink Panther.
EP37 "Pink ZZZ; Trail of the Lonesome Mine; Starpink"Pink Panther is annoyed by a meowing cat; the dragon-fly searches for gold; Pink sees an enemy ship coming in for gas.
EP1 "Pink Da Vinci; Odd Ant Out; Prefabricated Pink"Painting tips for Da Vinci; Aardvark vs. the Green Aardvark; Pink Panther a construction worker.
EP36 "Pink Bananas; Crane Brained; Pinktails For Two"Pink Panther irritates a big gorilla in the jungle; Junior Crane is ashamed because his father is always an object of ridicule; the Pink Panther's tail grows to enormous proportions.
EP2 "Pink Punch; Unsafe and Serene; Vitamin Pink"Pink Punch insists on being green; The Inspector's life is in danger; Dr. Phink sells Vitamin Pink.
EP13 "Extinct Pink; Le Great Dane Robbery; The Pink Quarterback"Pink fights over a bone with a caveman and two dinosaurs; a dog named Tiny stands between the Inspector and a stolen secret code; the Pink Panther flips a quarter to decide whether he should spend it on a hot dog or a hamburger, and it rolls away.
EP14 "It's Pink But Is It Mink; Froze Nose Knows; The Pink Pest Control"Jane is attracted to Pink Panther; Aardvark tries to catch The Ant in winter; Pink Panther disturbs a termite.
EP4 "Toro Pink; Winter Blunderland; Pink In The Woods"An impresario from a bull ring sees the Panther pretending to be a bull fighter and convinces him to be a real one; the Crane, who is half frozen, attempts to capture the dragon-fly for lunch; the Pink Panther takes a job as a lumberjack.
"Pink Panzer; Le Feet's Defeat; Pink on the Cob"Neighbor neglects to return Pink's lawn mower; Crows try to ruin Pink's crops.
EP20 "The Scarlet Pinkernel; Mumbo Jumbo; Slink Pink"The Pink Panther saves the canines; Ant ruins the Aardvark's plans; Pink Panther looks for a place to thaw out.
EP2 "A Fly In The Pink; The Ant From Uncle; Pinkfinger"The Pink Panther faces off against an escaped fruit fly; the Aardvark keeps inviting the Ant to come to a relaxation club, which is actually the Aardvark's stomach; engrossed with his spy story, the Panther becomes a dapper secret agent.
"G.I. Pink; Carte Blanched; Pinkadilly Circus"The Pink Panther joins the army; the Inspector accidentally steals a shopping cart; a drunk man helps the Pink Panther.
EP10 "Spark Plug Pink; Sonic Broom; Pink Breakfast"Pink Panther tries to fix his lawnmower; Crazy Legs Crane makes a crash landing while trying to catch the Dragonfly; Pink Panther unsuccessfully tries to make breakfast.
EP2 "Pink Streaker; Never Bug An Ant; Reel Pink"A holiday skiing trip; getting Ant unstuck; a little fishing.
EP2 "We Give Pink Stamps; Mumbo Jumbo; Lucky Pink"The Pink Panther hides in a department store; the Ant's "lodge brothers" come to his rescue; the Panther finds a lucky horseshoe.
EP23 "Genie With the Light Pink Fur; Cherche Le Phantom; Pinknic"The Pink Panther becomes a genie; the Inspector searches for a gorilla and a phantom; Pink is alone in a snow-covered log cabin.
EP7 "Dial P for Pink; Napoleon Blown-Apart; Bully for Pink"A crook attempts to break into a safe used by the Pink Panther as his home; the Mad Bomber escapes from prison and goes after the Commissioner with his bombs; the Pink Panther decides to become a matador and confiscates a magician's cape.
EP14 "Pink Suds; King of the Swamp; Pink Pull"At a laundromat, the Pink Panther's clothes keep jumping from one washer to another; the Crane declares himself "King of the Swamp," but not all are impressed; the Panther gets magnetic when he tries to retrieve a coin from a sewer grate.
EP5 "Pink Panic; Transylvania Mania; An Ounce of Pink"A gang of zombies at a hotel; a crazy scientist is creating monsters; a talking weight machine predicts the future.
EP5 "Psychedelic Pink; Ant And The Aardvark; The Gong With The Pink"Pink window shops along the avenue; the Ant goes to a picnic for relaxation but the Aardvark shows up; Pink gets a job as a waiter and must place orders with a gong.
EP1 "In the Pink of the Night; Technology Phooey; Super Pink"Pink has problems waking up in the morning and buys a cuckoo clock; the Aardvark uses the power of a computer to formulate a plan to catch the Ant; Pink Panther becomes a superhero.
EP4 "Trail of the Lonesome Pink; Dune Bug; Pink Plunk Plink"In the Canadian wilderness, two French-speaking trappers inadvertently capture the Pink Panther; while the Ant is trying to have a nice time at the beach, the Aardvark shows up and starts trouble; the Panther learns to play "The Pink Panther" theme.
EP4 "Pink Blue Plate; The Froze Nose Knows; Little Beaux Pink"The Pink Panther answers a "Help Wanted" sign and becomes a short-order cook; the Aardvark tries to catch the Ant during winter time and tries to stay away from a hibernating bear; the Pink Panther is a sheep herder in Texas.
EP13 "Extinct Pink; Science Friction; Pink Paradise"A prehistoric Pink Panther finds a delicious bone for dinner; a scientist experiments on The Ant; Pink is marooned on what he believes is a deserted tropical island.
EP1 "Pickled Pink; Ape Suzette; Pink Finger"A drunken partygoer takes Pink home; the Inspector fights with an ape; Pink becomes a secret agent.
EP10 "Pink Valiant; Le Quiet Squad; The Hand Is Pinker Than The Eye"When an evil knight kidnaps the king's daughter and takes her to his castle, the Panther volunteers to retrieve her; the Inspector has to keep the surroundings quiet for the edgy Commissioner; a cold Pink sneaks into a house owned by a magician.
EP5 "Le Ball and Chain Gang; We Give Pink Stamps; Crow de Guerre"The Inspector attempts to get into the house of an argumentative couple; Pink hides in a department store; the Inspector is outwitted by a crow that steals jewels.
EP2 "Therapeutic Pink; Don't Hustle And Ant With Muscle; Come On In!"A dog is stuck Pink Panther's tail; Ant grows muscles; Pink Panther annoys a man at a beach.
EP4 "Pink on the Cob; Rough Brunch; Congratulations, It's Pink"Corn farmer Pinky goes to war with a pair of crows stealing his corn; the Aardvark irritates a termite who causes all sorts of problems in his quest for dinner; Pink steals a baby basket instead of a picnic basket.
EP11 "Pink In; Don't Hustle An Ant With Muscle; The Pink Tail Fly"The Pink Panther discovers a trunk in his attic with the words "movie props" on it and decides to investigate; the Ant takes vitamins and grows muscles; a sleepy Pink Panther trudges off to bed but finds his slumber disturbed by a pesky fly.
EP23 "Yankee Doodle Pink; Beach Bummer; The Pinkologist"Pink warns Boston about Redcoats; Crazy Legs Crane tries to stay cool at the beach without paying; the Little Man visits a psychologist.
EP9 "Pink Plasma; The Ant From Uncle; The Pink Tail Fly"Pink Panther spends the night in Transylvania; a relaxation club; bugs keep the Pink Panther awake.
"Lucky Pink; The Shooting of Caribou Lou; Pink in the Clink"Pink finds a lucky horseshoe; the Inspector is kidnapped by Caribou Lou; Pink must help a burglar.
"Slink Pink; Canadian Can Can; Pink-a-Rella"Pink is inside a hunter's house; the Inspector is selected as a police exchange student with Canada; Pink helps Cinderella get to her true love.
EP5 "Slink Pink; Odd Ant Out; Tickled Pink"The Panther seeks shelter in a hunter's home; aardvarks fight over a can of Chocolate Covered Ants; the Pink Panther wistfully watches a group of children skating and wishes he had a pair to roll around on.
EP11 "Pink Daddy; Barnacle Bird; Cat and the Pinkstalk"The stork brings a baby alligator to the wrong address; Pink sells a cow for beans.
EP4 "Pink Pest Control; Tour De Farce; Pink-a-boo"Exterminating a bug; battling Mack La Truck while stranded on a desert island; a late-night mouse party.
EP7 "Pink Lemonade; Fly By Knight; Pink Trumpet"Avoiding being caught by the dog catcher; practicing the trumpet.
EP6 "Pink Piper; Hasty But Tasty; Pink Blueprint"The Pink Panther removes mice from a town; the Ant annoys Blue Aardvark; the Pink Panther builds his house.
EP12 "Pink Elephant; Scratch A Tiger; Twinkle, Twinkle Little Pink"The Pink Panther is at the zoo feeding an elephant peanuts but when he leaves, the elephant follows him home; a Tiger guards the Ant and his pals from the hungry Aardvark; the Panther decides to build his house on a mountaintop.
EP2 "Mystic Pink; From Bed To Worse; In The Pink Of The Night"Pink Panther finds a magician's top hat, complete with rabbit; the Ant and the Aardvark end up in hospital; Pink has problems waking up in the morning and decides to buy an alarm clock.
EP8 "Pink Pranks; Hasty But Tasty; In The Pink"The Pink Panther falls out of the plane and lands in Nome, Alaska; the Aardvark tries a product called "Instant Hole" to catch the Ant; after it fails, the Aardvark keeps falling in; the Pink Panther decides it is time to get back in shape.
EP6 "Pink Tuba-Dore; Dune Bug; Sink Pink"A tuba player arrives in the forest with his dog to play his tuba in peace, unaware that the Pink Panther is sleeping; while the Ant is trying to have a nice time at the beach, the Aardvark shows up; a big game hunter is after the Pink Panther.
EP6 "Salmon Pink; The Ant and the Aardvark; The Pink Phink"A salmon follows the Pink Panther home; Ant spots a picnic; a painter is tasked with painting a house blue.
EP9 "Pink of the Litter; The Great Degaulle Stone Operation; Shocking Pink"Arrested for leaving a mess on the streets; The Inspector faces the sack; making some minor home repairs.
EP3 "Prehistoric Pink; Reaux, Reaux, Reaux Your Boat; Come On In! The Water's Pink"Outwitting a dinosaur; hot on the trail of a dastardly smuggler; competing with an arrogant body builder.
EP12 "Put-put, Pink; French Freud; Pink Is a Many Splintered Thing"The Pink Panther goes on a ride with his self-built motorcycle; evil Russian actress Melody Mercurochrome and her henchman husband try to kill the Inspector; Pink becomes a lumberjack.
EP12 "The Pink Flea; I've Got Ants In My Plans; Pinto Pink"The Pink Panther is constantly being bothered by a pink flea; the Aardvark has a feud with another Aardvark called the Green Aardvark over who gets to eat the Ant; a footsore Pink Panther decides to thumb a ride to Los Angeles.
EP22 "Pierre and Cottage Cheese; Pink-come Tax; Cirrhosis of the Louvre"The Inspector tries to arrest a crook; Pink helps an imprisoned man; a criminal plans to steal all the paintings from the Louvre.
EP4 "Pink Arcade; Life With Feather; Pink S.W.A.T."Pink Pather goes to the arcade; Pink Panther wants a fly out of his house.
EP16 "Keep The Forests Pink; Science Friction; Super Pink"Pink is a caretaker in a national park; Pink becomes a superhero.
EP32 "Pink Press; Flower Power; Pink U.F.O"The Pink Panther works as a reporter; the Pink Panther catches a UFO.
EP2 "Jet Pink; Le Pique Poquette of Paris; Tickled Pink"Test-driving a new military jet; foiling a six-armed spider-thief; a well-intentioned fairy godmother.
EP8 "Pink Sphinx; Cock-a-Doodle Deux Deux; The Pink Phink"Seeking buried treasure in the Sahara Desert; the Inspector loses a valuable gem he was asked to safeguard; a friend wants to paint his house blue.
EP10 "Forty Pink Winks; Rough Brunch; Pink Outs"Pink Panther sneaks into the Ritz-Plaza; Aardvark irritates a termite; sight gags.
EP11 "Psst Pink; Never Bug An Ant; The Pink Blueprint"The Pink Panther finds himself with a flat tire on a steep incline; the Aardvark tries to get the Ant out by sucking him out with his nose, but other things are headed his way; the Panther changes the blueprint designs for a house to his own liking.
EP15 "Pink Lightning; Storky & Hatch; Pink In The Drink"The Pink Panther buys a used car; Pink Panther goes on a cruise.
EP3 "Rock-a-bye Pinky; Toulouse La Trick; Sink Pink"Seeking a quiet place to relax; The Inspector is handcuffed to a burly escaped prisoner; foiling a hunter who has his eye set on his rare pink fur.
EP3 "Pinkadilly Circus; From Bed To Worse; Pinkcome Tax"A passerby removes a tack from Pink's foot and he becomes devoted to his rescuer; the Aardvark still tries to catch the Ant while hospitalized; a tax collector runs into the Pink Panther.
EP10 "Sherlock Pink; I've Got Ants in My Plans; Pinkadilly Circus"The Pink Panther's cake disappears, and he decides to investigate, leading him to a strange old house; the Aardvark has a feud with the Green Aardvark over who gets to eat the Ant; the Pink Panther is completely devoted to a good Samaritan.
EP17 "Pink Pajamas, Sicque! Sicque! Sicque!; Pink Ice"Pink sneaks into a house for some rest; Inspector Clouseau investigates a mad-scientist's house; Pink is the owner of a diamond mine and has unearthed a large gem.
EP26 "Pet Pink Pebbles; Nest Quest; Pink of Bagdad"Pink gets a pet rock; the Crane decides to build a new home; a magic rope loves Pink's tail.
EP22 "Bobolink Pink; Isle Of Caprice; Pink-A-Boo"A bird is afraid to fly; Aardvark is shipwrecked; Pink Panther has a mouse in his house.
The animated adventures of the Pink Panther and The Inspector.
Original Air Date: Sep 6, 1969
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Rating: TVG
Playback: HD
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