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ER FilesStories of emergency room cases from different hospitals and accident victims.
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EP4 "One Day at a Time"A priest handles patients' spiritual needs; construction accident; mother and son injured in car crash.
EP4 "Close Calls"Gunshot victim treated for a head wound; two friends hurt in accidents on consecutive days; the doctors discuss risk-taking behavior.
EP4 "Long Way Home"A 15-year-old who was injured in a three-wheeler accident; a 9-year-old hit in the head by a falling swing set.
EP1 "Long Hours, Late Nights"Doctors and nurses treat gunshot victims, car crash survivors and a doctor's Jack Russell terrier.
EP9 "The Quiet Voice Above the Din"Broken pelvis; destroyed kidney; young crash-victim may have been improperly restrained.
EP3 "Fighting the Good Fight"Chief surgical resident Dr. Donna Tesi explains how doctors deal with the violence of the city.
EP6 "Blink of an Eye"Comatose car-crash victim; man with a severed spinal cord; injured motorcyclist; a toddler with a pencil lodged in his ear.
EP10 "If Everyone Could See What We See"Crash victims; improperly-restrained child is severely injured; birth in a parking-lot.
EP1 "Crossroads"A teenager who was shot six times; a man's face smashed during a motor vehicle accident; a professor with a broken leg and fractured skull.
EP7 "Rush to Judgment"Two young adults suffer car-crash injuries.
EP8 "Medicine and Miracles"Residents await the results for the chief residency positions; ambulance mechanic's hand is mangled; man in a motorcycle accident slips into coma.
EP5 "Witching Hour"A man needs surgery after being shot; a 28-year-old needs help after a car accident; 3-year-old burned by hot soup.
EP7 "One Simple Mistake"Burn victim; men hit by cars; elderly man with shortness of breath; gunshot victim; child with a peanut in his ear.
EP6 "Rite of Passage"Staff members treat a young boy with a life-threatening gunshot wound.
EP2 "Out of the Darkness"Shooting victims; drunk driver; fall injuries; collapsed lung; gout.
EP5 "St. Patrick's Day"St. Patrick's Day turns Savannah, Ga., into a sea of green and sends a flood of casualties to the hospital.
EP3 "Baptism by Fire"Doctors with military backgrounds treat gunshot victims, a man who lost control of his ATV, and an elderly couple in a car crash.
EP8 "When There's Life There's Hope"Car-train collision; drunken young man stabbed; parents panic when school bus crashes.
EP2 "Free and Easy"A couple involved in a drag race smash into a tree; New Orleans doctors deal with patients whose good times sometimes lead to tragedy.
EP5 "Fresh Faces"Two new staff members treat a 17-year-old shot in front of his parents' home and his 12-year-old neighbor who was shot in the neck.
EP1 "Sweet Charity"The medical staff of Charity Hospital in New Orleans deal with everything from births to multiple gunshot wounds.
EP3 "Someone to Lean On"A gun shot victim is treated in trauma; man has no feeling below the waist after a dirt bike wreck; Dr. McSwain volunteers as medical director for the Jazz Fest.
Stories of emergency room cases from different hospitals and accident victims.
Original Air Date: Sep 28, 2000
Genres: DocuseriesTV Series
Rating: TVPG
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