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Mickey Spillane's Mike HammerThe private eye battles crime in New York City.
EP10 "Satan, Cyanide and Murder"Mike sets out to learn if a client took a bullet meant for him.
EP1 "Little Miss Murder"A prep-school student (Joanna Lee) hires Mike to find her father (Jeff Conaway).
EP2 "Kill John Doe"Mike tries to help an amnesiac (Tony Dow) discover his identity; with Bo Hopkins, Jacklyn Zeman.
EP3 "Elegy for a Tramp"Mike investigates a movie sex-symbol's (Claudia Christian) death; with Bernie Kopell, Foster Brooks, Theodore Bikel.
EP4 "Body Shot"The sister (Genie Francis) of a boxer (Larry Wilcox) attempting a comeback reveals her brother suffers from blackouts.
EP5 "Who Killed Sister Lorna?"A novice nun's murder puts Hammer on the trail of her former spouse; with Karen Valentine, Barbara Billingsley, Jared Martin.
EP11 "Torch Song"Hammer discovers arson caused an explosion that killed a close friend.
EP12 "Too Young to Die"A serial killer takes the life of a young prostitute.
EP6 "Deadly Connection"A young detective dies while investigating extortion threats to a noted fashion designer (Edward Albert).
EP7 "Green Blizzard"Hammer seeks the origin of counterfeit currency he got from a friend (Claude Akins); with Peter Scolari, Caryn Richman.
EP8 "The Last Laugh"In Los Angeles, Mike investigates the murder of a rising comedian's manager; with Arleen Sorkin, Christopher Norris.
EP9 "Lady Killer"The murders of several working women put Hammer on the trail of a misogynist; with Dr. Joyce Brothers, Barbara Carrera.
EP10 "Mike Gets Married"The only witness who can clear Mike of murder is an illegal alien (Barbara Stock) who used his name to forge her passport.
"Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer"The private eye battles crime in New York City.
EP9 "Requiem for Billy"A boy Mike once counseled in a youth rehabilitation program is fatally shot; with Bill Macy, Barbara Bosson.
EP12 "Green Lipstick"A singer (Emma Samms) receiving death threats convinces Hammer she is his daughter; with Vanity.
EP8 "Murder in the Cards"Hammer tries to clear the son of his late Army buddy of bank-robbery charges; with Arte Johnson.
The private eye battles crime in New York City.
Original Air Date: Jan 26, 1984
Genres: DramaTV Series
Rating: 12
Playback: HD
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