Who Killed Sister Lorna?

EP5 "Who Killed Sister Lorna?"

On Demand

A novice nun's murder puts Hammer on the trail of her former spouse; with Karen Valentine, Barbara Billingsley, Jared Martin.

Original Air Date: Jun 04, 2023 • getTV • 60m
The Last Laugh

EP8 "The Last Laugh"

Airs: Jun 12, 2023

In Los Angeles, Mike investigates the murder of a rising comedian's manager; with Arleen Sorkin, Christopher Norris.

getTV • 60m
Green Blizzard

EP7 "Green Blizzard"

Airs: Jun 11, 2023

Hammer seeks the origin of counterfeit currency he got from a friend (Claude Akins); with Peter Scolari, Caryn Richman.

getTV • 60m
Negative Image

EP8 "Negative Image"

On Demand

An old picture of three models on a yacht is the only clue to a photographer's murder; with Elyssa Davalos.

Original Air Date: Mar 31, 1984 • Crackle • 49m
Seven Dead Eyes

EP3 "Seven Dead Eyes"

On Demand

Someone is systematically slaying members of the admissions committee of a private investigators association.

Original Air Date: Feb 11, 1984 • Crackle • 49m
Shots in the Dark

EP5 "Shots in the Dark"

On Demand

Baffled by the authorities' dismissal of the case, Mike investigates the murder of a woman and the kidnapping of her roommate.

Original Air Date: Mar 03, 1984 • Crackle • 49m
Deadly Connection

EP6 "Deadly Connection"

Airs: Jun 05, 2023

A young detective dies while investigating extortion threats to a noted fashion designer (Edward Albert).

getTV • 60m
Hot Ice

EP2 "Hot Ice"

On Demand

Kidnappers demand a $3 million diamond as ransom for a gem merchant's goddaughter.

Original Air Date: Feb 04, 1984 • Crackle • 49m
Dead on a Dime

EP6 "Dead on a Dime"

On Demand

Mike investigates a former police officer who suddenly went berserk with a gun in a crowded restaurant; with Stephen Elliott.

Original Air Date: Mar 10, 1984 • Crackle • 49m
Satan, Cyanide and Murder

EP10 "Satan, Cyanide and Murder"

On Demand

Mike sets out to learn if a client took a bullet meant for him.

Original Air Date: Apr 14, 1984 • Crackle • 49m
Sex Trap

EP7 "Sex Trap"

On Demand

International affairs and political intrigue complicate a reunion with the woman Hammer lost two years earlier.

Original Air Date: Mar 24, 1984 • Crackle • 49m
The Perfect Twenty

EP9 "The Perfect Twenty"

On Demand

A model's death in a suspicious fire leads to a man imprisoned for creating counterfeiting plates.

Original Air Date: Apr 07, 1984 • Crackle • 49m