Pink Panther and Sons

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Pink Panther and Sons
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"Millionaire Murfel; The Pursuit of Panky"Master Graystrips realizes that Murfel is his exact double and persuades him to trade places for a day; a secret military invention accidentally falls from the hands of spies right into Panky's diaper.
"Sitter Jitters; The Fix up"Pinky and Chatta go to a horror movie, leaving Finko as Panky's Panthersitter; the Panthers unknowingly discard a valuable painting and have to chase after the trash truck that hauled it away.
"Panky and the Angels; Insanity Claus"Excluded from a Panther meeting, Panky decides to join up with Howl's Angels; The Rainbow Panthers are awakened from their slumber party to discover Santa arriving by chimney to get an early start.
"Take a Hike; The Great Bumpo"While hiking, Pinky and friends are forced to spend all of their time looking for Panky; elephant trainer Rottley's abusive treatment causes Bumpo the elephant to run away, and the Panthers decide to hide him.
"Pinky at the Bat; Pink Enemy 1"A dispute over a ball field results in a challenge baseball game, but Finko is up to the usual dirty tricks; the Pink Panther is jailed for bank robbery when the real robber discards his Panther disguise.
"Spinning Wheels; Haunted Howlers"A new bicycle is the prize for the winner of a race between Finko and Pinky; ghostly happenings occur when Panky's model plane zips through a window of old Mr. Ferguson's haunted house.
"Brothers are Special; Arabian Frights"Finko and Howl's Angels plan to win a talent cheating; Panky falls asleep and dreams of crossing the desert, following the Arabian Howl's Angels to a secret cave full of candy.
"Pink Encounters of the Panky Kind; Traders of the Lost Bark"Spacemen replace the real Panky with a robot who impresses the Panthers with its abilities; Panky's puppy is dognapped.
"Panky's Pet; Joking Genie"While the Panthers are on a tropical cruise, Panky finds a dinosaur egg; when Aladdin's lamp falls into the Panthers' hands, Finko and Howl struggle to take possession of it and claim the wishes as their own.
"A Hard Day's Knight; Mister Money"During a tour of Medieval Manor, Panky wanders off, and armored robot knights wreak havoc; Pinky and Panky embark on fundraising activities to earn a watch for the one and only Pink Panther.
"Pink Shrink; Anney's Invention"Anney's new invention accidentally shrinks Pinky to mouse size; on her way to school, Anney collides with Professor Dilford; their briefcases accidentally get switched, eading Anney to be declared a genius.
"Rocko's Last Round; The Pink Link"The Panthers mistakenly believe Rocko is dying; they lavish him with gifts, but a robbery may spoil everything; the Panthers mistake an escaped missing link for their expected cousin Punky.
Original Air Date: Sep 8, 1984
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Rating: TVG
Playback: HD
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