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Bingo & Molly
EP7 "Rainy Day Blues"The animals suffer from cabin fever after their picnic gets rained out.
EP5 "Yes, You Can!"Molly learns how to tie her shoes.
"Gladys' Birthday"Gladys is disappointed when it appears her friends have forgotten her birthday.
EP6 "Promise the Sky"Bingo finds out what happens when one makes promises that can't be kept.
EP15 "The Hot Potato"Gladys takes her bad mood out on Bingo, who then takes it out on Duck, who takes it out on Digger.
"In the Soup"Duck gets blamed when Molly breaks Bingo's new rocket ship.
EP13 "Bubbleland"Molly confronts Duck about his bad hygiene habits after he refuses to take a bath.
"A Turn for the Better"The animals try to eat enough boxes of cereal to send away for a special car.
"Yours, Mine and Oops"Bingo gets in trouble with his friends when he takes things that don't belong to him.
EP1 "Zigger's First Day"Gladys tells Molly to stay away when Zigger the Mole moves into the neighborhood.
"The Wish"Molly learns that death is a natural part of life when her goldfish dies.
EP10 "The Birthday Present"Bingo learns that homemade presents are just as special as the ones bought at the store.
EP9 "All Together Now"The animals work as a team to get ready for Mr. Growl's return from vacation.
EP2 "The Smiling Suitcase"Molly is afraid to visit her cousin, Digger is nervous about meeting Mr. Wolf, and Duck is scared to sleep at Bingo's house.
"The Daisy and the Rose"Gladys tries to make Rose behave and dress more like she does; Duck copies Bingo.
Original Air Date: Sep 29, 1997
Rating: TVY
Playback: HD
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