Cyborg 009

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Cyborg 009Nine social delinquents band together to battle cyborgs.
"Frozen Time"undergoes regular maintenance when something goes haywire with his acceleration switch.
"The Pharaoh's Curse"Dr. Gilmore, 003 and 009 visit Egypt to meet Dr. Gilmore's old friend Dr. Herschl, when the scientists, including Dr. Herschl exploring Tutankhamun's tomb, fall ill; they wonder if the Pharaoh's curse is true.
"The City of Wind"009 and the gang travel to South America in search of Sir Van Allen, 007's old friend only to find out he was on the brink of dying. Could it be related to the strong wind that reveals a golden pyramid.
"The Frozen Land"A mysterious giant cobra stirs in the frozen mountains of Japan when the country suffers bizarre weather conditions.
"The Night of the Star Festival"009 goes soul-searching and meets a girl named 'Alice', who can jump time and takes him to the person he wishes to see the most.
"Black Ghost Lives"We see the birth of the cyborg project and Dr. Gilmore's involvement in the operations that created all the 00 series.
"The New Assassins"The 00 cyborgs are attacked by four new cyborgs who all possess psychic powers similar to 001.
"Gamo's Revenge"The four psychic cyborgs are revealed to be acting under doctor Gamo's order. The scientist, who is 001's biological father and creator, wishes to prove the value of his research to Black Ghost by destroyi.
"Future Fury"A mishap occurs during a fight resulting in 009 and one of the psychic cyborgs being transported to the future.
"To Tomorrow"Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier - To Tomorrow - 42 - Anime - 00:30:00 - Series [DESC: S1/E42 The 00 teamwork to save 009 by teleporting themselves forward in time, where they face the final battle with the rogue psychic cyborg Cain.
"Old Friends"Enormous pterodactyls emitting sub-sonar waves begin to destroy human settlements all over the world. 009 finds his old friends from the orphanage mysteriously alive and well, but are they really what they se.
"The Nightmare of Van Bogoot"009 rescues an amnesiac woman from the ruins of his old friend's house, but what secret does she hold- and how is she connected to Van Bogoot, the CEO of a powerful subsonar-weapons manufacturing.
"Good-Bye, My Dolphin"The cyborgs sacrifice more than they could have imagined when they go underground to pursue the claims of the amnesiac woman and her mysterious sister.
"The Underground Empire"Having been split up by various disasters, the team struggles to defeat Black Ghost. 004 bonds with the mysterious sister.
"Rise of the Demon"As Yomi crumbles, 004 faces his largest test yet against a bloodstained Von Bogoot. When all hope seems lost, 009 seems to be the only thing standing against Black Ghost's resurrection...
"When You Wish Upon a Shooting Star"Black Ghost threatens the world with his deadliest weapon yet. It's up to 009 to finish the fight, once and for all- even if it comes at the price of him and his best friend's life.
"The Blue Earth"A powerful blue beast is attacking construction sites and factories, causing death and destruction. 005 sets out to stop its rampage.
"Man or Machine"is sent to investigate strange activities in an abandoned castle. There he'll have to battle a replica of himself.
"The Awakening"The fight to save the alien children goes on while 002 encourages them to use their psychic powers and fight for themselves.
"Gilmore's Notes"A recap episode that follows the notes Dr. Gilmore is writing on each 00 cyborg about their pasts and personalities.
"Computopia"The 00 Cyborgs visit Computopia, a futuristic city run by a supercomputer named Sphinx. The machine falls in love with 003 and tries to eliminate whoever it perceives as an obstacle to their love.
"Little Visitors"Three alien children arrive on earth to save themselves from the invaders that are destroying their race. The 00 cyborgs will help them.
"Monster Island"An unconscious hiker leads 006 and 007 to a mysterious island where massive monsters roam the land.
Nine social delinquents band together to battle cyborgs.
Original Air Date: Jun 30, 2003
Genres: Kids/FamilySci FiTV Series
Rating: TVY7
Playback: HD
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