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Dream Car GarageHosts Peter Klutt and Tom Hnatiw have fun with cars for a living.
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EP10 "Ultimate Accesory"The Mercedes Gullwing gets a set of matching luggage.
EP22 "Modern Dream Car Double Header"The craftsmen at Legendary continue the metal work on the King Cobra while Peter joins Michelle at Toronto Motorsport Park for a Modern Dream Car double header.
EP14 "Size Matters"Peter reviews the intricate inner panel work on the Super Cuda, everything on this custom designed car had to be hand fabricated; he goes through the creation of a steel panel for the floor pan and shares some tips from the pros.
EP4 "Dream Cruise, Nurburgring and Winter Driving"Detroit Dream Cruise; 1986 Buick GN.
EP7 "The Holy Grail"Mercedes Benz Heritage Centre and Museum in Germany.
EP30 "25th Anniversary for the Legendary Motor Car Company"In the pro shop we see what many people are doing to properly restore a Cobra back to its original look. For the Modern Dream car we look at the car that should have been from Lingenfelter the modern day Trans Am.
EP1 "New Body for the King Cobra"Peter reviews the metal shaping tools that will allow the legendary craftsmen to create a new body for the King Cobra.
EP8 "Three Liters, 215 HP"Challenges faced while rebuilding the Mercedes.
EP11 "Paint!"The Pro Shop feature restoration is painted with waterborne technology.
EP2 "A Tale of Two Kitties"Chip Foose lends his talent to designing the paint scheme of the Super Cuda.
EP1 "From Taurus to Talbo"The Super Cuda' has some seriously wide rubber at the rear, 345/35 19 Pirelli's, mounted on custom made Forgeline rims.
EP1 "Greetings from Monaco"Mercedes AMG SL 55 road test; restoring a 1957 Mercedes 300 SL "Gullwing."
EP6 "Now That's a Big Truck"A Chevy C5500 custom from Monroe Truck Equipment.
EP5 "Modena and Biarritz"Touring the Maserati factory; 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz.
EP2 "Viper Track Day"Checking out the new Viper against the Corvette ZO6.
EP9 "The Upper Crust"Rolls Royce Phantom; Cadillac V16.
EP3 "Maranello"The Ferrari factory and museum and a look at a new 612.
EP2 "Debut"After a hectic season, the Gullwing is completed beautifully and in record time.
EP12 "Extreme Velocity"Test driving the Extreme Velocity 454 Corvette ZO6 and Year One's 67 Mustang track car.
EP3 "Commence Drooling"Dream Car visits Larry Holt at Multimatic Engineering, who explains how the shocks were designed and tested for the Super Cuda' on their four post rig and dyno.
Hosts Peter Klutt and Tom Hnatiw have fun with cars for a living.
Original Air Date: Feb 13, 2000
Playback: HD
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