George Blake: Master of Deception
EP4 "George Blake: Master of Deception"
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After being tried and convicted of treason, double agent George Blake escapes from prison and remains a fugitive in Russia.
Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2005 • Crackle • 47m
Oswald Mosley - The English Fuhrer
EP1 "Oswald Mosley - The English Fuhrer"
On Demand
Oswald Mosley formed the British Union of Fascists and counted Hitler and Goebbels amongst his wedding guests, but was jailed when the Germans threatened to invade Britain.
Original Air Date: Feb 05, 2004 • Crackle • 47m
Edwin P. Wilson: A Case of Reasonable Doubt
EP2 "Edwin P. Wilson: A Case of Reasonable Doubt"
On Demand
Edwin Wilson illegally sold explosives to a Libyan dictator.
Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2005 • Crackle • 47m
Gerald Bull: A Deal With the Devil
EP3 "Gerald Bull: A Deal With the Devil"
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Gerald Bull worked on an Iraqi supergun for Saddam Hussein before being murdered.
Original Air Date: Feb 12, 2004 • Crackle • 47m
Mordechai Vanunu: Israel's Nuclear Spy
EP5 "Mordechai Vanunu: Israel's Nuclear Spy"
On Demand
Israel's nuclear weapons are revealed to the world by a former technician.
Original Air Date: Feb 19, 2004 • Crackle • 47m
Jonathan Pollard: American Fall Guy
EP3 "Jonathan Pollard: American Fall Guy"
On Demand
Jonathan Pollard serves a life sentence for spying on behalf of Israel.
Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2005 • Crackle • 47m
Ames: A Spy Like Us
EP1 "Ames: A Spy Like Us"
On Demand
The story of the CIA mole who sold the Soviets identities of "human assests" from behind the Iron Curtain.
Original Air Date: Feb 07, 2005 • Crackle • 47m
Karl Koecher: Stranger in a Strange Land
EP7 "Karl Koecher: Stranger in a Strange Land"
On Demand
Soviet intelligence agents, the Koechers, penetrate the CIA.
Original Air Date: Feb 26, 2004 • Crackle • 47m